Simple Walking-Beam Steam Engine

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Jul 19, 2012
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My second engine build. It took about 2 months to build, but it's not complete yet: some screws are missing (so there is a strong resemblance with the guy who built it...)
Design by Rudy Kouhoupt
Plans by J.A.M. De Waal

I made a little follow-up video of the final result (so far)...

I really should fix the issues first of this wonderful little engine and I must say, I learned a great deal again making it, but I started project n° 3 already.
Let's hope there will be lots of cold and dark winter nights ahead so my workshop will be used often.
Best regards,
For my first builds, I tried to find engines that could be made without castings and that were fairly simple to make on the lathe an small milling machine.
I think the potty mill and this simple beam engine both fulfill these requirements. There are loads more and maybe even simpler ones like the wobbler type engines, but I wanted to have the experience of making the typical steam engine components like the steam chest, slide valve or rotary valve and so on...
Well, I'm actually building two engines at the same time currently.
The first one is the Ransome & May horizontal mill engine. This is a step up from previous engines because it has some extra features like the governor, water pump and steam valve. The plans say that it can be build from bar stock.
The second engine is actually a kit I bought from Bengs modelbau in Germany: it's the little Leni vertical engine with reverser.
The reason I bought this kit is that all needed materials are included... There is not really a one stop shop around the corner where I live, so for the Ransome & May, I have to procure some parts from the internet. This means in most cases that the shipping costs exceed the value of the parts when you buy in small quantities, so I sometimes need to wait untill I have a list of materials that is worth ordering.
When I'm waiting for parts for the R&M, I can work on the Leni... in that way I'm not getting rusty :)
Well done with your beam engine. I guess it has taught you about tolerances, bearing fits, careful attention to machining sizes, etc. So your next model won't sound like that garbage truck...?
A valuable lesson in that model.
We have all passed that way before.

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