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Retire 75 yr old have had some experience in machine, love to make things, getting more involved in math calculations and more detailed like engines, cams gears. I built fixtures and some plastic mold repair.
So where in Minnesota do you reside? My parents, brother, and sister live in the Minneapolis area. I grew up across the river in Grand Forks, ND. I moved to Iowa for a job and now retired.
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Its a long long ways from Minneapolis - - - grin!
We have had season's tickets to the opera there though and for a number of years.
Lately though - - - - I'm not that much a fan of 20th and 21st century opera - - - - most of its quite boring and worse, puerile, and then the covid stuff isn't helping.
Made some good friends from seat mates.
I want to by a mill does any one know if the Grizzly G0705 would be a good choice?
I collect packages in the far northern end of Minnesota.
Sorry about how this message was sent, they limit a message to 420 characters. I tried a private conversation, but could not post it. Anyway these are backwards order, so read from the bottom.
The inability to have private messages is a pita!