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Good morning, my name is Duke and i live in Hesperia ca. I saw a picture of your lathe with the vee belt setup in EMEM forum.
I have south bend 9 and very interested in how you set this up. I cant type very well but could give you my phone number if you are interested in discussing this with me. Thank You Duke
Duke, the V-Belt 16 speed 9A is standard South Bend. The sheaves come up periodically on ebay but are costly. They fit exactly where the sheaves of a flat belt lathe would fit; direct replacement. In practice they are 14 speed as two of the back geared speeds are not recommended.

Oldarm--Send me your phone number and I will call you tomorrow. I have over 50 years experience in design of custom machinery and have worked with a number of inventors over the years.---Brian Rupnow [email protected]
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