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You have an illustrious engineering pedigree sir, and you play sax as well! My workshop is not untidy, it is merely partway through the process of being tidied up! If you want to see untidy, have a look at the workshop rebuild videos. It is better than it ever has been, but there is some way to go yet! Seriously, thanks for watching and commenting
Phil, East Yorkshire
Are you into drag racing as I am an ex bike speed addict and still very involved with top speed attempts
I work for myself and over the latter years I do not seem to have the surplus time or budget that I had in those days. I am still interested in everything though and count myself lucky to never be without some interest on the go!
Here is a link to my You Tube channel with some boring film of my sprinter. There is also a little on my blog website and my old blog (now dormant, having sold the company the blog no longer belongs to me, but almost every post is from my work).
and my current blog: The Art In Engineering Co. - Aero, Marine et Auto
I am hoping to slowly make an early style flash-steam Hydroplane to learn the ropes and have something to enjoy on my shelf and share with my son and grandson.. Your amazing machine is fantastic and something to aspire to.

With my very best wishes, it is a privilege to meet you, but I promise not to pester you with questions, I will keep them concise!
Hi Donnie, i really appreciate your offer on the ceramic material. please let me know where i can paypal you or where i can send you a check for it. i really appreciate it.
Retire 75 yr old have had some experience in machine, love to make things, getting more involved in math calculations and more detailed like engines, cams gears. I built fixtures and some plastic mold repair.