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Brian, considering the volume of the cylinder, would a $20, 0-100 psi oil filled pressure gauge not be better for checking compression, or in this case valve leak, the volume of the line from the test point to the gauge is many times the cylinder volume?
That either means that you have too many leaks to build pressure or more likely that it takes more than the 20PSI to move the schrader valve in the compression tester.
Okay, we have results. I got everything hooked up, but still couldn't get a reading on the pressure gauge. POOP!!! Had multiple air leaks, but couldn't tell where they were coming from. Finally did the old "submerge it in a bucket of water" test to see where the leaks were coming from. Jeez, I thought a submarine was surfacing in my pail of water. It leaked everywhere except at the exhaust and carb. Then, in the middle of it all, my $30 Chinese compression tester flew apart. The rubber tube which goes into a compression fitting at the end opposite from the gauge flew apart. That was when I had my second shower of the day. Next step was hook things up without the Chinese compression tester and submerged it again----still leaking tons of air. Okay, take it all apart, coat both sides of the head gasket with gasket goop, drill and thread for four more bolts thru the cylinder heads around the cylinder. Then I thought, "Gee, I've never seen that new gauge register any compression", so I took the gauge part out to my main garage and put the compressor nozzle right up against the threaded base--YES--it does register pressure. I think I can probably use the compression tester if I braze up my own manifold to work with it. Now I'm going to wait 24 hours to let the gasket goo set up and then try this all again. (I am using a 0.016" thick waterpump gasket between the cylinder heads.)
This weekend I didn't do very much.--Even I get tired of working on model engines once in a while. I did move a mounting hole in the gas tank because it set crooked. I spent the major portion of this weekend rereading a book by Wilbur Smith. He wrote such absolutely marvelous books, and now nobody writes such thrilling "mans adventure" stories. I miss Wilbur, same as I miss Bradbury and Heinlein and Asimov.
Can you recommend one of your favourite Wilbur Smith books?

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