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Hi Basil I have used Holts high temp, engine enamel from Halfords in the past with no problems with petrol.
Note I believe Halfords now get their enamel from Craftmaster but I maybe wrong, but I have also used Craftmaster enamels when rebuilding machine tools and never had problems with cutting oils etc,
Finally complete! Yipee!
On and off for 8 months this little engine has been a part of my life.
Last job was getting the timing set using a piston stop and finalizing the wiring. She runs very nice, a little smoky but I think that is due to me having too much oil in the crankcase. Thanks everyone for the encouraging words and advice.
I'll take a little rest and contemplate my next build. 🍻


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Awesome. I just love how you went the extra kilometer with all of the fine details. The colors and decals and fuel tank and starter and muffler to name a few. Great job, I really enjoyed following your build.
Runs and sounds like the Real engine!
Superb modeling, fine Details, very Well done. Congratulations.
Stefan K.
Thank you again everyone for the encouraging words. I've taken many of these little engines brand new out of their boxes. I don't know about the other makes but the Honda's always look so pristine. That's what I was mainly aiming for. 👍
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always look so pristine. That's what I was mainly aiming for. 👍
Mission accomplished ! Pristine is only one of many words I would use to describe the finished product :) It was a pleasure to follow along.
Thank you for taking the time to document and share. It really is a lot of extra work. And, it is appreciated, thank you sir !

Hi Basil why steam ? your not worried about the rising petrol costs are you (Ha Ha )
Thank you everyone, Its been a very enjoyable project and I will say something I'm very proud of.
😂. No Paul, But I have adopted a saying. "If you think petrol is expensive just wait until electric cars properly come on line!"
Anyway, I've read the flash steam books and I'm going to give it a go. I'll start a new thread and again see how far I get. Cheers and good health to everyone.


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