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Jan 31, 2017
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I've been lurking for several years now but now want to get into all of this. I have virtually no experience on lathes, other than a small amount using a small, cheap lathe that my employer had. That was mainly using Delrin to create some bushings for my motorcycle. I retired at the beginning of this year, sold our primary residence up in the Washington DC area, and moved down to a water front property on Lake Anna.

Anyway, I figure I need some real experience before buying a good usable lathe, so I just purchased a small 7x14 from a Chinese importer on Ebay. The lathe appears to be identical to the same cheap 7x14 you see on Amazon such as from Erie Tools and BestEquip. In fact they all use the same pictures, this one was just $100 cheaper.
I realize that it is limited what I can do but should be a way for me to learn how to use it before laying out bigger bucks. So far I have been practicing on 1/2" brass bar.

A couple year ago I purchased the plans for the "MyFordBoy" steam engine, and hope to someday build it.

I am a complete Newbie, so hope you won't mind too much for my sure to be many stupid questions.



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