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Brian Rupnow

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May 23, 2008
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Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Since I built my first internal combustion engine in 2012, I've been using automotive ignition points that originally were used on 1961 to 1972 Chrysler products. They were fabulous!! These points and the the same year of condenser worked with absolutely no modifications on the small i.c. engines I make. They worked so good that I modelled them in 3D cad, and just dropped them into an engine cad assembly whenever I needed them. And the best part was that the points and condenser together cost only $20 Canadian funds. Alas, this year they were declared "special order" parts.--I can still get them, but now they cost $40 per set---and that is too steep for my blood. I could bite the bullet and move up to electronic ignition with a Hall switch and magnet, but again, the cost ends up being prohibitive. I think I am now going to have to find a supplier of ignition points for a chainsaw or gas lawnmower ??? that will work on a 12 volt power supply, model them in 3D cad, and begin using them on anymore engines that I build. If anybody has a favorite set of inexpensive mechanical ignition points and condenser they would like to share with me, it would be greatly appreciated. It is not a problem to model them up in 3D and begin using them instead of my old Chrysler points.---Brian Rupnow
You don't need to use a hall sensor with many of the modern electronic CDI ignitions, any two bits of metal will do as they only need a very low current to act as a switch. I've only used one hall sensor with my usual S/S ignition but a dozen or more simple metal contacts.

This is the Ideal that I draw up the patterns for that Graham Corry has made, it's running with a cheap CDI and all it has it the wire toughing the conrod as it comes round to trip the spark, what could be simpler or cheaper?

I found some random points on ebay that were somewhat reasonable.

Like everything else, the prices was about 4 times what I am use to seeing.
I am hoarding a couple of them.
They were not cheap.

Do get me started about inflation.

Things were worst during COVID, when the switchgear companies could not get resin for their insulators.
Sourcing swtichgear became very difficult and expensive for a while.
The trouble with anything of 1970's vintage is that they are now declared "special order" parts because of their age, and cost twice as much as they did before. I would have gladly used my old Chrysler points forever if they hadn't doubled in price.
For small points in my Magnetos I like the points from mid 70s MGs. Smallest I've found, anyone know of smaller points?? Have looked at chain saws and lawn mower etc.
Some of the 70's era Honda motor cycles(4 stroke) used some small points, I had a couple of 500/4 bikes in the late 70's that had two sets in the points area.
The trouble with anything of 1970's vintage is that they are now declared "special order" parts because of their age, and cost twice as much as they did before. I would have gladly used my old Chrysler points forever if they hadn't doubled in price.
Not sure these specifically will work but worth a look anyway.
$8.11 CDN plus $1.05 freight, once you buy three sets, the freight starts reducing.
Something amiss if one cannot fit a hall effect and a 3x1mm magnet in somewhere easily.

I used to use the Simca points because of their small size before going over to hall effect.

There are these I saw on Aliexpress though, look quite compact.
No requirement to use metal case condensor though, any 0.47uF 630v will do the job. Can be mounted away from the heat of the engine and will still work fine.




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Points for Farmall Tractors. Many to choose from,
and the price is right.
olf20 / Bob
Even at $40.00 it still cheap over making your own points.
Photo cell also good option.
Some use magnetic type too.

It is changing times and electronics are replacing the old metal points. I saw back in 1960's

Re : Rock Auto
This is from their web page.

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Points for 1970 Dart 318 engine