End of an (electrical) era

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Just lowering of the inflation rate leaves the elevated prices and shrink-flation remain intact while the consumer's wages did not escalate at the same rate... still a big loss for the consumer, especially for the young family of 4 that is struggling more now on a day-day basis. Those invested in the market are in the best shape as it continues upward. The upper end of the middle class recently crested at over $200k for a family of 4. That's a lot of money to me, but I guess older, established families with 2 children still living at home can certainly make that much with two working parents with 6 figure incomes... I just don't know too many, but it shows how much it costs to be ok in the world today.
Yes, I agree, but with inflation spiraling more and more out of control these days, sometimes home castings may be the only viable option.
Sort of like eating out; it is getting so expensive to eat out these days that I am having to really limit that, along with a lot of other things.
I wish had schematic on the electric eye type. It would simpler to build would not need magnetic on flywheel
All you need is the electric eye and micro oven transformer rewind to 12 volts