DRO uses with conventional drawings

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How can I reply to that? mm - let me think....

"F-in-Workshop?" - mind your language please...

Or did you mean 0.2570inches? (6.5278mm for the pedantic). - I call it " 1/4in. clearance"...
No really there seems to be a big F on it. But I think while I was trying to get a decent picture there was an Explanation for the mystery posted. (still no idea where it came from) Yes, approx. 6.5 mm.

I seem to think and operate a lot like you do in your shop when I am doing something in mine. In our worlds what matters is what fits, no matter how we get there.

As far as rambling goes: Feel free to ramble away. I read your posts.

Letter "F" drill is the standard tap drill for 5/16-18 threads and also used for clearance holes for 1/4".
What a mess.

I use 5/127" or decimal fractions of it :).
Found a drill with an F in my workshop yesterday. No idea why I have it or who gave it to me?
its a pilot drill for 5/16 -18 thread tap
I grew-up as a teenager
Well, Steam, that's seems to be the problem. As for myself, I never grew up! and if I did, I thimpfks it would have been a child -- Then a teenager.

Yes, you should drink less and not ramble so much.

From those 3 datums (dati? Datum faces?). The word is "data". Singular: datum.
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