Big Stirling engine plans?

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Oct 7, 2023
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Brighouse. Yorkshire, UK
I've been pondering for a long time, since I bought a low differential Stirling Engine from the ubiquitous online fleamarket, how big one of these could get.
Something that could be placed in the garden and take advantage of temperature cycles between day and night to do something fun or useful would be good. The ponderings included drilling heat wells in the garden in case geothermal energy could be sucked up using heat pipes or similar. Just wondering if anybody did this, as well as how stupid an idea it is (or not!)? And there's a pile more self-sufficiency generation plans in the grey matter if anybody isn't bored enough already.
There is some interesting stuff on the net if you search for solar powered stirling engines. This takes my vote as wackiest engine:
Solar powered mangle
This seemed to have some merit as a wood fired job:
472 watts
Happy searching.