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Thanks Herbie will give them a try when i size them up
Well another productive day.Stripped down the headstock everything
fine and pristine including new bull gear.The white metal bearing were practically new with only one fine score line.I think this lathe has had a makeover some time in the past. Along with a couple of other items i cleaned,sanded,primed and put on a finish coat of paint to dry overnight
While waiting for the paint to dry i looked for something else and i saw the 6"
4 jaw ind chuck.Way too big for the Myford.I was looking reasa 6 chuck 01.jpg

6 chuck 02.jpg

6 chuck 03.jpg

hstock 01.jpg

hstock 02.jpg

hstock 03.jpgntly for a 5"
for the sieg C4 so i disasembled will refurbish and make an adaptor plate to suit
the sieg . The Myford adaptor plate i will machine to fit the sieg chucks and collets. Now thats a good side product of free goodies.The chuck is Aussie
made and i will try to turn it into an item.Few knocks and dins but all the jaws threads and screws are like new. Will continue while i am waiting for more paint to dry
Snow is here and chaos to come.
Idle thoughts of a now idle fellow but:-

The standard independent 4 jaw on a Myford is 6". There is a smaller one for the ML10-- and I have both! Indeed, they have integral Myford threads hence no backplates.
returning to replacing the bearings, the handbook of the ML7 is on the 'net and it will give the sizes of the bearings as well as the trade name ( not Myford) to go on.

Incidentally, RDG does sell Myford taps and dies- shouts of hurrah. Warning though-- don't be fooled about using the nearest Unified tap and die as these are 60 degrees and not 55TPI. Yea, yea- voice of sad experience!

Swopping about between our Myfords and the Siegs, I should mention that RDG sells a Myford nose thing that fits the Sieg. Probably worth a punt? For me, I can use my ER25 collets on both machines-- sort of willy nilly.

Hope this helps a bit


Just making do with what i have.I had a 6" myford chuck,light weight and slimline,recessed cast body and inbuild threaded nose.Very nice and expensive
When you have a heavy chuck + backplate its too heavy and puts exessive
strain,weight on the front white metal bearing. And i needed a larger 4 jaw for the sieg SC4 8' x 20".Should be more suited. The myford backplate i will machine
down to suit chinese 4" chucks and my er 32 collet chuck should work out well TBC

PS can anyone confirm the sizes of the oilite bearings for each end of the leadscrew and the layshaft.Im going to call in at a local supplier to see if
they have anything. I need 7/16 id, 5/8" id and 3/4" id i think not sure of the od as i havent taken them out.Anyone out there in the next 10 hrs Thanks
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I've been through my ML7 Official Manual and neither bearing is listed as such. What 'might' be a help is trying to identify the 'CT' bearings listed in the. back of the manual for repairs etc

I kept hitting Metric sizes from UK suppliers- bloody useless as you will agree.

Clearly, your bearings will be ordinary Imperial fractions and can be guessed with a Vernier----------- as my supplier did yesterday!

As a NB You could have two diameters of leadscrew. Cleeve had a metric one as well, so check.

Again, you are possibly right about the weight of your chuck on the headstock front bearing. Cleeve wrote of a fixed lathe bushing steady. Do you ha ve a copy of this already?

Sorry, ALL that I have left is a Long cross slide, its feed screw and the top slide. The odds are- big guess- that the ML10 might just have the bearings identical so tell me the diameter of your own leadscrew and my 10 is sitting here--waiting until the snows melt!


The hand typed manual in French does show the bearings BUT the reference is only for the Myford identification number which is about as useless as an ashtray on a motor bike

At least, I've come out of the thing with the offer of a new chuck and a lot of non ferrous stuff to play with. Vive La Difference

Thanks Norm,i went to a local bearing supplier suggested by Herbiev and though not in stock they can be ordered.Price was a shock over $120
for 8.Will wait to rempove them and check sizes before making a decision
I am having thoughts of making a new brkt for tailstock end of the leadscrew
to incorporate a ball race and a couple of thrust races.Plenty of time
Had a couple of hours today so reassembled the 6" chuck,made an adaptor plate from an old cast iron grate,just the right size and fitted the chuck to the sieg C4.It even looks too big for the 8" lathe.Also realized the chuck could not really be used on the Ml7 as it overhangs the bed gap and the jaw would have to remain inboard of the body. Very pleased and i have a spare myford adaptor plt to fit the chinese chucks and collets toIMG_2614.jpg


I'm appalled at the price. Am I correct that you still have family in the UK who could send bearings out to you?
Sadly, I'm in that hopeless insurance position with only 2000miles allowed for me to drive. So getting out and about is --LIMITED.

But I can help as the phone etc are still OK:)

Keep in touch. I'm only old

$120. A bit over the top. I would expect gold bushes for that price :eek:
Surprised me too Herbie from 12 to 22 dollars each.I am currently looking at alternative on all fronts

Have you looked at Amazon? Maybe not a great option where you live, but oilite bushings as you describe are in the 2-4 USD range unless I've misunderstood what you're looking for.

If you could identify the bushings you need (exact sizes ID, OD, length) I'd be quite happy to purchase here in the states and ship at cost. Shipping might be outrageous, don't know, but that would be easily determined- likely international parcel post would work. PM me if you want to pursue.

You might also consider buying a foot or so of aluminum bronze and making your own. Great bearing material, wears forever. A stinker to machine though. Knife edge polished tools work.
Thank you Gl Carlson,US prices are cheaper but postage can be horrendous
Looking at all options Still havent removed the old ones or confirmed sizes etc
will keep in touch. If you wish to check the approx price and postage costs
i would appreciate it.Approx sizes are
5/8 id x 7/8 od x 3/4 lg 2 off
7/16 1d x 5/8 od x 1/2 lg 2 off
3/4 id x 7/8 od x 1" lg 4 off
Regards barry
Sounds bloody expensive for those bushings. I don't remember how much i paid for mine but I remember thinking they were refreshingly cheap. And certainly cheaper than the genuine Myford parts. . I got mine from BSC who I think have a shop in Lonsdale somewhere? They were not genuine Oilite brand, just generic sintered bronze bushings. Some I got longer ones and parted off rings the right length, getting several bushings out of one.
Can't remember leadscrew bushing diameters off hand but from vague memory they were the diameter of the leadscrew ID, so 5/8" I think and 1/16" wall thickness, so 3/4" OD.

Paintwork looks good. Me and paint don't get along together at all, so I'm envious. I did manage to highlight the MYFORD lettering on the bed and cover in red without getting paint all over the place. Used a tiny cutting in roller from Bunnings, about 25mm diameter and 50mm long and ran it gently over the top of the raised letters. Worked a treat.
Just going out to shed to fit the motor and hopefully get her running
There is a good 10 part restore of the Myford Ml7 on Utube and he shows the use of a dabber
which i will try. Dont like the red or cream will try black
to match the knobs and handles etc.Top coat of paint is dry after 24 hrs but is still soft and damages easily so i put the parts out in the sun while i do other things
As previos posts,this lathe has been looked after/refurbed in the past and most
main areas are in good nick.Main white metal bearing were almost new so have not had many problems. The first part that required replacing was the countershaft.Badly worn 0.7485/0.7425". But its easy to make a new one
The oilite bushes were worn 2/3 thou giving me about 10 thou. slop
I went down to my steel supplier with my trusty micrometer (they dont know
what precision ground bar is) and measured up the options.Settled on a piece
of 3/4" stainless steel 0.7495" dia. Made a new counter shaft and with the slight misalignment between brg it became a perfect running fit with NO play
So will leave the old oilite bushes in for now and see how we go. I could not have got it any better if i triedcountershaft 01.jpg

refit 06.jpg
Spent a couple of days sanding and painting the remaining covers/guards
and refitted all the outstanding items Cleaned motor and pullys etc before
powering up. Runs as sweet as a nut. Will do a short video when i make
my first chips.Which will be machining the spare adaptor plate to fit Sieg
chucks and collet set. Meanwhile i have a few bits and bobs to make
including simpler thumb screws etc to the covers.Also next job is to remove the leadscrew and bearing brkts to clean up check and paint etc.Also need to determine theextent of wear on the oilite bushes and do i need to replace them
Have in mind to make a new brkt at the tailstock end to incorporate thrust brgsrefit 01.jpg

refit 02.jpg

refit 03.jpg

refit 04.jpg

refit 07.jpg

refit 08.jpg

refit 09.jpg

refit 10.jpg

refit 11.jpg
Had a pleasant couple of days.Last main job was the leadscrew and oilite bushes. The leadscrew was fairly worn ave about 4 thou at both ends and the oilite bushes about 5 thou. About 10 slop.Not good,and the proffessional option was to replace the leadscrew and bushes.But wait maybe i could take the cheap way out and at least extend the life for a few yrs. Success.At the hstock end i made a new extended bronze bearing and the same at the tailstock end
At the tailstock end i polished the worn leadscrew down from 7/16" (0.437)
to 11mm (0.433) ordered 2 no 11mm thrust bearings from china and made a new full length bronze bush as i have an 11mm H7 reamer.Perfect running fit
Premade 2 new collars/housings ready to finish job off Many thanksLscrew 01.jpg

Lscrew 02.jpg

Lscrew 03.jpg

Lscrew 04.jpg

Lscrew 05.jpg
to all offers of help with sourcing oilite bearings but they will no longer be needed and with the money saved i may treat myself to a Myford oil gun
Next job was to rough machine down in the Sieg lathe ,the 5" Myford adaptor plate from the 6 " chuck to suit the 4" chinese range of collet chucks etc
Finish turning will obviosely done on the Myford and hopefully with Videoadapt plt 01.jpg

adapt plt 02.jpg

adapt plt 03.jpg

adapt plt 04.jpg

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