BAZMAK-Diary of a Myford super 7b lathe restoration

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Hi Baron,

Don't want to clog up or hi-jack Bazmark's thread but if your interested the adaptor blank I used came from Myford [25 years back ??] I think they still do them
Main point is they are much larger diameter blank and longer than any others you see many of which will be far to small or short for this application.

Regards John
PS In North Lancashire near Lancaster
I seem to think that die holders to fit tailstocks are generally available but in addition firms like ArcEuroTrade for UK needs, sell blanks etc. I've been buying various adapters principally to extend the versatility of my Morse taper collection/Myford one to go onto my 'new' Deckel clone T&C which has 5C collets.

For 30 quid, Thomas's book makes astounding reading. Yes, I do have a tenuous connection as Dr Bill Bennett and my late wife went to uni together- and Bill found me a Myford years ago when he was in dental practice in Darlington.

Take that whichever way one wishes.
Well after finishing the super 7 and using it I started to find niggles and made a mental note. One major problem was bed wear
I had reshimmed and adjusted gibs but to get min play at the headstock end it got really tight at the tailstock end. So I stripped down the carriage and did a survey of the bed.Rear way width was +/- half thou and unworn as expected. Front with had max 6 thou wear at the chuck and the
the shear edges about 3 thou. Fairly typical of a 60yr old machine. First option was a bed regrind but in my neck of the woods the cost would be
about $700 + 2 way shipping about $500 and I deemed the wasn't worth the cost,so I decided to use the unworn rear way. I had read about
it but never seen or attemped it myself.Didnt look too difficult so of I went. Took a light skim in the mill to give me a location shoulder and
made and fitted a nom 16mm x 13mm m/s guide to the underside of the saddle fixed with 2 socket hd cap screws. Sorry but I used metric
I made the central section about 1 thou less than the bed central gap about 1.375" and a nice sliding fit.The rear shear had about 35 thou gap
so I used a piece of hacksaw blade cleaned up just the right width and approx. 25 thou thk.Then fitted 4 no M4 gib screws to the rear.A lovely sliding fit was obtained over the full lenth of the bed using the rear way. I then lightly adjusted the gibbs to the front way,although strictly not necessary
I also recut the graduations on the tailstock spindle in the lathe as they were hardly visible. Next I hope to rebush or fit brgs to the carrisge handwheel
as there is a little play there
car mod 01.JPG
car mod 02.JPG
car mod 03.JPG
tail 01.JPG
Morning Barry- nice!

As I have mentioned, what you did was actually what Martin Cleeve did and then Myford 'copied'
When I went that way, I had the top of the bed 'blancharded' first. The cost was a trifling £50 which lowered the bed perhaps 6 thous. The alternative was 'fine milling' and the shears- or the best one at Number 4 at the rear will show the mill marks.

I tackled the front number 1 shear by making a scraped 'reference out of a long piece of rectangle ms bar using the blancharded bed and then I filled the wear at the usual 6" or so near the chuck end with one of the Loctite products. I suppose that it all took less than me typing with my one finger:D.

So really I heartily approve your solution.

My news is 'bitty' The new vertical milling column for the SiegC4 went back on Monday. Either a PCB fault or the motor and whilst Axminster Tools sent me a new PCB, my eyesight was no longer capable of allowing me to 'fiddle':confused:.
Having moved to my Mark1 Super7, I am still troubled by the quite unnecessary loss of SAE32 hydraulic oil used to lubricate the headstock bearings.
Thanks for the write up


Having moved to my Mark1 Super7, I am still troubled by the quite unnecessary loss of SAE32 hydraulic oil used to lubricate the headstock bearings.
Thanks for the write up



Hi Norman,
I wouldn't fret too much about the loss of oil through the headstock bearings, mine just pisses through ! The drip tray has a permanent oil slick in there.

As long as the bearing is getting some oil it should be OK. I can fill the oil cup on mine and a few hours later, it wants filling again. So now I only bother to top it up just before I'm going to use it.

Take care:
A Sieg update! As mentioned earlier here, I have had to return the milling attachment for my Sieg C4 back to Axminster Tools.
Just taken a phone call from a very helpful 'boffin' who swopped PCB's motors and whatever and was baffled despite 14 years in his 'boffin-hood' doing things.

Laughingly, he said that I wouldn't see two half grain little lights- which are hidden in the concealed cover anyway. But both light up and one goes out and the thing actually will work. So a delay is necessary to operate
Perhaps he too is or was baffled by a new design PCB.

Happily, I still have hair to pull out. I've bought a new compass to find where East is. Apparently, Miracles came out of the East which I missed. I'm making sure that if there are more, they will not be missed.

Take care


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