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Sep 6, 2016
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Noosa, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia
Hello the Hmem community
I would like to show you My mid 1956 Myford Ml7
it came with a load of spare parts, a milling attachment, it has a clutch, a dial indicator, lots and lots of tooling (carbide and hss), all the original manuals, all the change gears (metric and imperial) and a whole load of bar stock ( brass, mild steel, non magnetic steel 4140 I was told it was).
The bed is in excellent shape (a little wear but the original machining marks are clearly visible) the bearings in the head stock have no play at all.

I am the third owner
The first owner was a distributer of Myfords in Sydney and this was the ml7 that was on display at the fellow's shop and in the late 1970's (because Myford stopped making the ml7) he sold it to a fitter and turner by trade witch was his own personal lathe in his garage that wasn't used that much, but was very well looked after.
and then he sold it to me for $1800.

here his a video :
Looks like you scored a good one. Not many of them around in Queensland. Should be a very nice machine. I have a 1957 ML7 but it was the most worn and abused lathe I ever saw when I got it. Luckily the bed was ok -despite the hammer marks! - so will get it back to its former glory at some point. Much easier to do what you have done and get a good one to start with though! Well done.

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