30cc Inline Twin 4-stroke Engine based on Westbury's Wallaby

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I've been having fun making videos recently, so I decided to make a youtube series on how to build the Wallaby from Scratch. I've been working the last couple of months putting the finishing touches on the plans and am now ready to capture the build process on video. The first in the series:

Tremendous thing you are doing. Lets hope we see a few more. top shelf job thanks.
In Part 1B of the "Build your own Wallaby 30cc Twin" series. I go into depth on how to use Fusion360 to create toolpaths and Gcode for a simple 2D profile part used in the engine display base. Then I cut it out on the home made CNC Router.

The plans and fusion360 files can be found here: Downloads – Wallaby Twin Four Stroke IC Engine – Greg's Machine Shop

Hi Greg, I like very much your build and I appreciate much more your effort in presenting a full tutorial + plans. Though not first on my list - I'm aiming for a more basic design that could be my first 4 stroke IC motor, I consider it a straight forward. I like it, like the presentation style and consider it very valuable -if I can say so (including CAM, though I'm not able to). IC engines are very complex things and many attempts fail due to lack of linking several parts of the chain (I mean what somebody intend to and what they find related). There has to be a balance between thinking and doing and many times info - though valuable in content - puzzles people and mislead them. Too much options or not applicable top options... I hope I'll have the wisdom for myself... Good luck in your enterprise! And for sure your project is in top 5 on my list.
Here is the next video in the Wallaby build series. These initial videos are building skills that will be used throughout the build. This one covers lathe work focusing on a simple custom form tool to create an inside radius for a cosmetic washer.

This is the Wallaby engine display base we are building first to challenge ourselves with some simple lathe and mill work.

Eccentric`s approach to Westbury`s Wallaby is a fresh approach to a well established model.
Have decided to follow the project and have just completed the engine stand with some minor modifications regarding shape and profile and fastener concept. This departure was prompted by personnel choice and material availability.
Currently the cylinder block is being worked on. I would point out that all my machining will be by manual means, no CNC or digital readouts. Traditional measurement means and the height gauge should get a bit of a workout.


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The "Westbury" cylinder block has been machined. A great deal of material had to be removed and one had to take care not to push the 1/4" end mill too hard when working at full depth. Climb milling was adopted which also gives a smooth into corner blending. Crank case and sump material has been purchased with timing case component making out taken place.
Photo to follow.
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