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  1. N

    Reusing scrap

    Hi, I work in offshore oil industry and am stuck on job due to covid 19. This is my 5th month going on here for original 45 days of duty cycle. Anyways I have some questions to ask. We recently overhauled two Yanmar engines and three CAT engines here and now have a lot of old parts as scrap. I...
  2. AN5523

    Vacuum engine No1

    Here some picture of the vacuum engine No1. Greetings an5523
  3. CFLBob

    Can Anyone Identify This Engine?

    Back in 2015, on my only visit to Cabin Fever, I took a short video of this engine I saw. This is a four cylinder, straight four, that's fun to watch. Lots of moving bits. I'd like to try to run down plans for this but have no idea where to look.