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  1. Piston_Broke

    For Sale Machines For Sale

    I need to shrink my machine shop in preparation to move. I live in Grand Rapids, MI. and the items are located in a basement so you'll need some help getting them out. I have a "bench top" milling machine which will include the vise, collet set, and clamping set. Asking $1500. I also have an...
  2. glue-itcom

    Squaring Stock

    How often do you need to square a piece of stock? This process was written by Alan at Woody's Workshop: Step 1 Inspect the stock and pick the side that has the surface that is the flattest and most appropriate for the end result you are looking for. Place this surface against the rear vice jaw...
  3. Eccentric

    30cc Inline Twin 4-stroke Engine based on Westbury's Wallaby

    My next engine build will be a derivative of Edgar Westbury's Wallaby, first designed for a model train, then updated for use in a model hydroplane. The engine is an overhead valve, water cooled, 30cc, inline twin cylinder 4-stroke. My version will use no castings. I am a huge fan of Edgar...
  4. B

    Inteltech Super pro light 1000 Any help

    I am preparing for a state competition where we have to take our own table top mill And the only one we have is a Inteltech super pro light 1000 which dates back to the 90s and can’t find anything beyond the user manual trying to figure out how to set spindle speed using G code but does not seem...
  5. Pauldg

    Using CNC to create a Toy Truck

    For those interested, my friend Dan created a nice blog about creating a Toy Truck so he could test our CNC controller Super Gerbil. Enjoy!
  6. makeCNC

    Hello From Milaca Minnesota

    Hi from Milaca MN or just north of it i am looking for kindred spirits and tinkering types to help enjoy my hobby Maker space where i have a few machines and a well-equipped Hobby workshop if you live near Milaca and would like to meetup please email me [email protected]