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  1. B

    Inteltech Super pro light 1000 Any help

    I am preparing for a state competition where we have to take our own table top mill And the only one we have is a Inteltech super pro light 1000 which dates back to the 90s and can’t find anything beyond the user manual trying to figure out how to set spindle speed using G code but does not seem...
  2. Pauldg

    Using CNC to create a Toy Truck

    For those interested, my friend Dan created a nice blog about creating a Toy Truck so he could test our CNC controller Super Gerbil. https://awesome.tech/toy-truck-a-beginners-cnc-project/ Enjoy!
  3. makeCNC

    Hello From Milaca Minnesota

    Hi from Milaca MN or just north of it i am looking for kindred spirits and tinkering types to help enjoy my hobby Maker space where i have a few machines and a well-equipped Hobby workshop if you live near Milaca and would like to meetup please email me paul@makecnc.com