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  1. Eccentric

    30cc Inline Twin 4-stroke Engine based on Westbury's Wallaby

    My next engine build will be a derivative of Edgar Westbury's Wallaby, first designed for a model train, then updated for use in a model hydroplane. The engine is an overhead valve, water cooled, 30cc, inline twin cylinder 4-stroke. My version will use no castings. I am a huge fan of Edgar...
  2. C

    Vega Twin completed and running

    I have completed my version of the Vega Twin aero engine. The link below takes you to a video of the completed engine and shows it running. I had no problems in machining the parts and starting the engine. However, I think that some design features can be improved upon and so also some...
  3. BTG

    Upshur Opposed Twin

    Hello, I’m about to start my next build, Harold Upshur’s Opposed Twin. Has anyone attempted to build the crankcase from the solid? Regards Tom
  4. C

    Wanted - Drawings for A Stuart Turner Twin Launch engine

    I have an old set of castings for one of these engines bought in the 70's but the drawings have been mislaid. Does anyone have a set they no longer need that I could purchase. thanks