Total Eclipse April 8th, 2024 - Arkansas

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Jul 2, 2021
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MidSouth, USA
Here is the map I made.
We will be very close to the center of the path.

Lots or apocalyptic rumors going around about millions of people descending upon small rural towns, created a sort of Woodstock II situation, with all the roads gridlocked, water systems overtaxed and failing, etc.
Most rural folks have septic systems, so there are generally no wastewater treatment plants.
The two water plants in our area have limited capacity.

How bad will it get? Depends on the weather I think.

We went to the last eclipse up in Indiana, I think in 2017, and while the highway and nearby expressway was very busy, it was very not really a problem.
Most of the traffic was after the eclipse had passed.

Having a DeLorean nearby was a bit disconcerting.

It is such an odd feeling to be sitting in a lawn chair on a bright sunny day, and then be plunged into darkness.



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If I stay at home we will get 3 1/2 minutes of totality. Not too far off of the centerline. But the local weather folks say historically that is an overcast day :(

My location circled in red


Map of the April 8, 2024 eclipse:

Looks like my home, just south of Toronto, is on the edge of the total eclipse. I could drive an hour to Niagara Falls to experience it from the centre line. OTOH, we've had so much cloudy, gloomy weather recently that I'm not sure there will be all that much to see!

We are in place for the eclipse on Monday.

Not sure what the weather will bring, but we are ready one way or the other, and will not get stuck in heavy traffic, should that materialize over the weekend.

Same here but is was so long ago I do not remember. I was in grammar school (I think) in N.Y
I thimpfks it was 1984 for me in Ellensburg, WA. The light all came on, the birds went to sleep and stopped Chirping. A few minutes later the moon left and the lights went out and the birds started chirping again. Interesting
I thimpfks it was 1984 for me in Ellensburg, WA. The light all came on, the birds went to sleep and stopped Chirping.

While lying here with a tube in my throat, bored out of my mind I decide to look it up.
1970 Mar 07 12:25 14:54 major partial - near total path
1970 A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away puts me in middle school not grammar school I stand corrected.
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The one in the photos above I recall being in 2017, and that was in Indiana.

That was a spectacular event, but for some reason I did not set up a video camera.

This eclipse is starting to have a Y2K feel to it.
Only saw one other boat out. Not even wavy.
Few people anywhere in town.

I think the Monday date is delaying travel for many.

Perhaps this is just the eye of the storm.

Still no major influx of people into this area.

I think this eclipse will shape up just like the one in 2017, where it will be more of a flash-mob type affair.

In 2017, we drove to Illinois at night, arriving at 5 AM and there were few people around.
By about 7 AM people started arriving, and it was an exponential influx up until about 1 hour before the eclipse.

So I suspect this eclipse will follow the flash-mob format too, with lots of folks for about 3 hours on Monday.

Does not appear that all the doomsday prophecies are going to play out.

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