Total Eclipse April 8th, 2024 - Arkansas

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Hi Scott M. I'm also a Scott M and I am over near Perrysburg, Ohio and near the center on the opposite side as you. As of last night's weather report it appears we may have nearly clear viewing at the time of totality. Of the thousands of hotel rooms in our area as of yesterday there were only 300 vacancies and some VRBO's are charging as much as $4000 per night. (Free enterprise?) Looking forward to it, especially since I don't have to go anywhere but my own driveway and the temp is going to be in the 70's. Whoo-Hoo!
Do not view the eclipse without proper eye protect, Unlike the 91 time indicted ex US president trump, that stared at it without any protection at all during the last eclipse.
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So far, this is turning into a bit of a nothingburger.

Very little traffic in town.
No crowds on the roads.

So the doomsday prophecy does not appear to be happening, at least not yet.

So the flash-mob thing seems to be perhaps how it will shake out.
Probably lots of people for about 2 hours, and then they all vanish.

Nice weather this morning.
Absolute ghost town; as if there has been some sort of evacuation, and the town is empty.

Very odd indeed, and not at all what was expected.

So if folks are gathering somewhere, it is not in this small rural town, at least not yet.

I would be perfectly happy without the crowds, to be honest.

The eclipse rolled through here in Texas. We were lucky in that we could watch it from the home driveway. No traveling needed. It was something of a circus everywhere as I swear everyone and their cousins were out charging an admission of parking fee everywhere for it. They had rallies, parties, gatherings whatever in all of the parks etc. the annulus ring was pretty neat to see though.
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It took an extra 2 hours to go the last 30 miles home.

All the folks apparently traveled west on I-40, and then went north or south on I-55.

Coming back east, I-55 north, south and I-40 bottlenecked down into mostly one bridge, with the 2nd bridge having heavy construction.

So it was a parking lot for about an hour, then inching along for another hour.

Well worth the trouble though.

Spectacular eclipse.
Very surreal experience for sure.

Very bright warm sunny day; and 30 seconds later a dull yellow, then 30 seconds after that not quite dark, but like a heavy overcast.
Almost like turning a light switch.

Looking up a a black disk in the sky is really wild.

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