Some experiments with Cubify Design

Discussion in 'Software and Programming' started by kvom, Feb 3, 2014.

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    I was gifted with a copy of Cubify Design 2014, an updated version of Alibre Design. I used it to machine one 3D part, a simple cylindrical surface. Then I worked through the online tutorial video on youtube, and have now gotten some basic feel for parametric design using the program.

    For 3D parts, I can directly export STL files that I can use with my CAM program, CamBam. However, I was interested in whether I could use it for multi-part designs, where the machining would be 2.5D. The reason for doing so as it would allow me to make assemblies of these parts to check for fit. The problem was that I needed to export the drawings in DXF format.

    Thanks to a user on another forum, I found that I could use the program to create drawings for print purposes, and then use these drawing to export as DXF. Problem solved.

    I have a plan to build a steam-operated Van Brocklin water pump to use with my locomotive. I have PDF drawings of all the parts, so I started with one of the major pieces and entered it as a 3D model in Cubify, then produced a usable DXF version of the top view.

    Compared to just drawing that view in Draftsight, the Cubify work took several times longer. So I will likely stick with Draftsight for most 2.5D work where I don't want to use assemblies. Note that I'm not designing anything, just copying published plans for CNC machining.

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