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Dec 5, 2011
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Erie, PA
I was wondering if this might be an interesting topic for some of you. Not everybody has moved into 3D design & many of you still use 2D & have a lot of experience in it, be it ACAD, Draftsight, ETC.

I would like to start this thread off by saying that I personally don't want to hear "How you can do this better in 3D". I just want other 2D users to share some tips & tricks they've picked up along the way. The 2D CAD programs are powerful, & I actually enjoy using them. I myself learned ACAD back in the very early 90's (ACAD 12?). I'm sure others have similar experiences & enjoy hearing all the "growing pains" we've had moving off a drawing board to a digitizing tablet (remember those? & having to recalibrate it?). "Auto Snap", "Grids", "Model space/Paperspace". I can't imagine the pain you other fellas had dealing with tapes & main frames, but I would still like to hear the stories & history of it.

I'm sure any & all tips would be appreciated by all the users of 2D, extra points to those who use 2D to design model engines.

Importing images into ACAD:

Under (I believe "Insert")

Once in ACAD, it comes in at some weird scale (& I don't even care what it is.), & then I re-scale it there, using, guess what? The SCALE command. I usually have a dimension on the drawing I can use as a reference, say a flywheel Dia. of 6", & use that. I actually pick a couple of points (Very close to dimensioning the flywheel image) & "dimension" the image. It will give me some crazy dimension (again, I don't care). The dimension might be something like 122. 6897" (OR MM, units are units, dimensions are exaggerated). I then use the "scale" command" in ACAD, you have a couple options here, "Scale Factor" or "Reference", choose "Reference", it will ask you for the "Reference" dimension & you will enter 122.6897", it will then ask you for a dimension, you will enter 6" & next thing you know the WHOLE drawing will scale itself based around the 6" flywheel scale you entered. Pretty cool huh?