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    • Shopgeezer
      Shopgeezer replied to the thread Budget HSS lathe tool grinder.
      I rough out my lathe tools on the grinder because it is faster but finish them on the belt sander. I bought a belt from Lee Valley Tools...
    • Shopgeezer
      Shopgeezer replied to the thread Demoiselle boxer twin.
      I am 90% electric with my RC models but still love IC engines, especially multi-cylinder 4 strokes. Sadly many clubs are banning them. I...
    • Shopgeezer
      Shopgeezer replied to the thread Hand cramping and arthritis.
      We are fortunate to have a local bakery that grinds their own flour. They grind wheat, barley and spelt, all sourced from organic farms...
    • Shopgeezer
      I suppose I represent those of us who come to this hobby from non-technical backgrounds. I have always been fascinated by anything with...
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