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Jan 10, 2021
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Bainbridge NY
Hello All, I am interested in building an RC model stearnwheeler . I think the right progression will be 1st to make the powerplant. Then the boiler to fit it. Then a boat to put it in. As for my experience while I have not built any engines , I have many RC, scratch built, airplanes . My only model boat is a 4 foot sailboat with a electric kicker motor, also scratch built. I am thinking, rather than reinventing the wheel, that perhaps my best bet is to try and repurpose other sources where I can. I am a retired Millwright so I am good with measurements, I do not own a mill, but have a 13 inch Sheldon lathe set up. I also have a drill press and all the various power and hand tools. [lots of them]
I have researched and downloaded allot of different plans for Wobblers, Sliders, Beams, Ect. and I still have not decided which one I will start with. My question is , Has anyone had and real success using things like pneumatic cylinders? or maybe a small 2 stroke piston and bore? other ideas? The model in mind is something at least 4 foot in length most likely wood hull. Thanks in advance for any pointers
For me, I'd start with the boiler, as it's the most difficult to deal with, but you could get by with other locomotion if that fizzled. Wish we had a steamboat club where I live!
Thanks for the reply. I have several pneumatic cylinders on hand here , and some small 2 cycle engine I could cannibalize for parts. The air cylinders look like they are the best option. I would just have to make the valve system, and components . I experimented a bit with them yesterday, and they seem to put up with the expected heat range. Because it is for a boat I am toying with the idea of a flash boiler , as it seems like with all that water , why bring more onboard. But I am not 100% on the idea yet. I think I need to set up the cylinders and valves, and see what pressure/ temperature I am looking at. So a lot of testing and trying to do. This is why I posted the question , to see if anyone here has traveled this road already, and could give me some dos and don'ts .

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