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That looks nice and cozy! Looks like a first rate job as well! I love the loft, great use of space.
Very nice. You must have enjoyed building a retreat where you can be surrounded by your toys/tools and be comfortable. I noticed what looked like a marine (sailboat) cabin heater on one wall. Hopefully it will provide sufficient heat. I know that they are effective on a boat to keep the cabin air dry.

I recently completed a similar project and to deal with harsh winter conditions I insulated the walls and used steel barn tin to line the interior walls and ceiling. My shop is now cooler in summer and warmer in winter.

I agree with your diagonal placement of the mill in a corner. It's an effective use of precious space.

Congrats and let us know when the Shed Warming celebration is scheduled.
That is one nice little shop there, someday maybe I will be so lucky! We have a joke int he shop at work that the perfect retirement home would be 500 square feet with a 50,000 square foot shop attached. One can dream. Here though it looks like a dream come true.

As for the second story / loft area do you have specific plans for that area. I looks like the perfect place to put Air compressors, HVAC, and other equipment that can clutter up a shop floor. My "shop" is in the basement at the moment and thus have plenty of experience with other things cluttering up the work place.
Very nice shop layout. I am looking at doing the same thing, we have a tuff shed with loft here already that I can move into to set up shop (now I'm squeezed into the garage).

What did you use for flooring material? Mine is worn plywood, not sure of thickness.

Answering questions, sorry for delay. I spend more time in my shop than online these days.

Yes, the wood stove is a Dickenson Newport marine fireplace that I once used on a sailboat. Dry heat works well with machinery.

The upstairs is where my 3d printer and vinyl cutter live. It's also my hobby robotics lab. I made a silent air compressor using a fridge compressor. The whole setup is on a shelf under a workbench. It's so quiet that I forget that it is running until the pressure switch cycles off with a sudden hiss. Startles me every time!

The flooring is one and a quarter inch T&G plywood, over joists on 12" centers. It's a very strong floor! A concrete floor is preferable with heavy machines, but a wooden floor is more comfortable if you can get away with it.

Recent upgrades to the shop are : an entry door canopy, lots of 3D printed tooling storage, and improvements to the 8x30 mill include 3 axis DRO, separate quill DRO, and table power feed unit. I hope to make a shop tour video soon.
I agree about the benefits of dry heat. We had a stainless box heater on our 37 foot ketch and after a wet ride it was nice to make a fire and dry out while other sailors rushed to the clubhouse for comfort.

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