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There were two versions of the Kinner published. The smaller was simplified. I do not have the issue numbers .
oldengineguy, yes there probably will be a copyright issue. I ran into this problem when I wanted to do the VW Boxer in the Model Engineer Magazine and some people asked if I could make copies for them. It said in the page where you find the editor and such listed, "You may not make copies of anything in the magazine without permission from the editor". Ask Cogsy, he knows much of this stuff.
I have the complete set of Stricly I.C. plans. Since they were published , is there a copyright issue?
I would expect so, I just ordered 11 issues that I didn't have, they are $8 each so it won't break the bank to buy them. Here's a link to the page with all the engine articles.
Done some more work on the Kinner this week bored some holes in the gear case to lubricate gears and cams also drilled extra holes in the con rods.


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If you build the Kinner radial be aware of some mistakes on the drawings cross check mating parts, the rocker perch is the worsted example it is the wrong height and position, the mounting hole for it on the cylinder head is also not the best, you may need to change position and size to make it fit.
The Kinner k-5 is ready for the first assembly I have bored holes through cam case into the crankcase to enable oil to transfer. all the cams are now fitted and timed. after first assembly I will strip clean fit piston rings and seal all joint faces. I will post more pictures when assembled


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I don’t know how I missed this thread, but I have a special interest in the Kinner radial. Before he joined the Army Air Force and flew in a B24 in WWII, my Dad worked at the Kinner plant building the radials. Many years later I bought my first ‘real’ metal lathe (the Unimat being my actual first), a dual lead screw Barnes. Purely by one of those life-is-strange events, the business I bought it from was the then current owner of the old Kinner factory. I didn’t know that until I was packing the lathe into my vehicle and the foreman said he was happy to see the lathe continue to be useful, mentioned the long productive life the lathe had had, and that, “it was put to good use here during the war, making parts for the old Kinner radials.” Naturally, I showed it to Dad and asked him about it. He did not remember that specific lathe, but said there were a number of them as well as other older machines in use because everything was needed for war production.
Our local air museum recently purchased a Fleet Finch and got it flying. They had the 125hp engine originally but were updated to the 160hp Kinner for war training use. The engine was torn down shortly after purchase and I got to monkey around in the innards a bit. It has a distinctive sound flying around the museum airport, more like a John Deere than an airplane. My grandson, shown flying one of the museums restored Tiger Moths, approved.


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The pictures are of a Kinner 5 cyl. radial built by my Dad in 1995-6 from an article in Strictly I.C. magazine. The stand and manifolds are my work after Dad's passing, he only got to see it run briefly on a temporary mounting with open exhaust and plastic tube inlet pipes. It runs on Glo-plugs and also does not have hardened cams or lifters. My engine log book shows that the engine has run about 15 hours total since build. The engine was completely stripped down in July 2021, and showed no sign of wear on the cams or lifters, in fact no parts were replaced on rebuild and it ran fine after re-assembly. I don't think there is enough load on these parts to require hardening for model engine use .I think they were made from 1018 cold rolled
Shopgeezer Is that Finch at C.W.H. in Mount Hope ?


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The Finch is at the Commonwealth Air Training Plan Museum in Brandon Manitoba. They are located in the actual hanger used by the training plan in WW II. Those hangers were designed to last 5 years. Keeping it standing is a major job. The flying collection is healthy and growing as money allows.

Does anyone know how to prevent the file information from appearing at the bottom of photos? Very irritating.
The pictures are of a Kinner 5 cyl. radial built by my Dad in 1995-6 from an article in Strictly I.C. magazine. The stand and manifolds are my work after Dad's passing, he only got to see it run briefly on a temporary mounting with open exhaust and plastic tube inlet pipes. Colin
Very nice. Its extra special that you could contribute & get enjoyment running it. I assume that was what SIC mag called the 1/5 scale or 'JZ' Kinner? Can you tell me how you are powering the 5 glow plugs & what kind of carb used?
Magazine article says it's a K-5 . It is the larger one. smaller version came later. Made a dummy distributor on the back of the engine and ran wires to plugs soldered together with one wire to power source. Plugs are in parallel to ground . I have 3 Cyclon D size 2V lead/acid rechargeables , connected in parallel to light the plugs. When they need a recharge ,I connect in series and charge with an old 6/12 V automotive charger. The carb is an OS 4 D or F, not sure which. Thanks for your interest. Colin
Thanks for the description. I have wondered about a simple solution to multiple glow plugs. I played with fancier electronic ideas but your solution sounds better.
Ah yes. According to an SIC index document, the larger first/original Kinner was by Pieter Dekker, 1/4 scale & spark ignition. The subsequent smaller 'JZ' Kinner by David Johnson was 1/6 scale glow plug. But @oldengineguy it sounds like you have the larger one but used glow ignition?

Kinner K-5 Radial Engine Construction, by Pieter Dekker: 36-8; 37-26; 38-10; 39-31; 40-27
Kinner, 5-cyl Radial, The 1/6th-scale Construction by David Johnson 53- 7, 54-5, 55-3; 56-3
petertha Yes that's right it is the larger engine . Dad used glo plugs because they were quick and easy. He knew he was running out of time.