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      Poppy Ott reacted to dnalot's post in the thread Gatling Gun with Like Like.
      A little while back I mentioned in a post that I was working on a Gatling gun. I was asked to post photos but declined thinking it would...
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      Poppy Ott reacted to Brian Rupnow's post in the thread V-TWIN---MAYBE V-4 with Like Like.
      Last week I ordered two new Traxxas 4033 carburetors from Ebay. Had a terrible time logging in to Ebay, so I bought and paid for them as...
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      Poppy Ott reacted to Lloyd-ss's post in the thread Electric car plant with Like Like.
      I have noticed that with all hot-button issues, where you have a small number of hardcore extremists at each end of the controversy...
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      Poppy Ott reacted to Lloyd-ss's post in the thread Milling Vise Recommendations with Like Like.
      If you get the fixed jaw accurately squared up with the table and spindle, and properly secured to the table, even the cheaper vises...
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      Poppy Ott replied to the thread Lathes.
      I’m not sure either, but it is my understanding that it’s much like the difference between a violin and a fiddle. There isn’t any basic...
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      Poppy Ott reacted to Sprocket's post in the thread 25 HP Nash with Like Like.
      This engine is to run on propane. I built the demand valve. I had gotten a propane hose with an adjustable regulator. Rustkollector had...
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