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Makin chips

Dec 29, 2020
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Hello everyone in the community. New, well seasoned, and everyone in between. I am a toolmaker by trade so have a wealth of knowledge to apply to the hobby. I got into the trade because I was fascinated with making things. 44+ years later I’m still cranking out parts for my employer and on my free time I’m allowed access to the shop to work on my own projects which at the moment is a 2x1 rendition of Dave Kerzel’s design hit n miss. It has approx. 6 7/8”x1 3/4” flywheels with a 1.500 bore and 1.625 stroke. Cast iron liner, piston and rings. The gears, cam, cam shaft pin and wrist pin are all hardened tool steel. The valves are hardened stainless steel. The frame, block, head, rocker arm, rod and main bearing caps are all aluminum. The flywheels, bobbin, cam follower guide, muffler are all soft steel of whatever I had available to make them. The crankshaft is 4142PH. The main and rod bushings are bronze. The rest is brass or aluminum. It has an S/S electronic ignition with a hall sensor pickup. I made all the parts save the screws, dowels, springs, circlips (valve keeper), cam follower roller bearing. It has a Teflon head gasket. I’ve Only just got it to run after starting the build over two years ago. Got sidetracked on other projects. Comes with the ADD. Still messing with governor weights and spring tension to get a decent rpm. Have started but need to finalize the lubrication reservoirs. Wish I had found the site at the start of the build so I could have done a thread. Next engine I will do that once I decide what that is. Want to do a vertical this time maybe an air cooled.

till next time:)

im trying to upload a video of the engine running. For now an older vid of the crank making process will have to do sorry from the techtard.

That's a beautiful build of the kerzel.

Thank You for posting,

Thanks, I have to finish a few loose ends on it then start another. Haven’t chosen the next subject yet but a few I’ve considered are a snow, a sideshaft hit or miss, or a vertical air cooled. Not looking to design it so depends on what i can find for plans I guess.
Kingsland, it’s a very small unincorporated town in the Texas hill country. It’s between marble falls and llano. Just over an hours drive west of Austin
Ah, I found it on gog and magog earth. It is highly populated. I can't believe it is unincorporated. I see from the sky that there are lots of storage sheds, probably fruit, and what appears to be a processing plant. Do you have grapefruit there? Texas pinks are the best.
Very nice Makin chips.
Can you explain 'the valves are hardened stainless steel'. What kind of alloy, hardening/tempering process? Did you then grind them, or?

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