Newbie from Bulgaria.

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Mar 3, 2023
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Hello fellow petrol-heads, engine nuts and last but not least, engineers.
I am Kees, 3dcase, Dutch but now living in Bulgaria. Been a machine engineer all my life and now applying my experience to new technologies and newly learned skills.
Can't sit still and I don't like TV, so I 3d model in Openscad, Onshape and in 3d printing software. My printer(s) hardly ever stop.
I also modify my own, and families, 3d printers, and on the drawing board is a new concept for one of my own 3d printers to become a faster bedslinger. The steel and aluminum chunks are with the machinists, since I do not have my own machine shop anymore (divorce took care of that).
I work on my Harley and on my 1980ies BMW cafe racer, when I feel like it. Both are forever unfinished, but the Harley is on the road so I keep that going as much as I can.
Starter of too many projects, I am the great un-finisher of all of them.
And like Sea Sick Steve said, "I was born with nothing, and I got almost all of it left".
That's it for now. Hoping to see and share nice projects here.
Hello and welcome to the forum 3dcase.
I hope you find your time here enjoyable.
I am sure everyone on the forum totally understands your statement about your two big "projects", being "forever unfinished." It would be so easy to stay organized if we could apply the "Completed" stamp to the project and file it away to collect dust. But that thought makes me cringe! It is the "process" that yields the rewards.

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