Edgar t westbury wallaby in Overtime Waterloo boy model -help needed

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Jun 29, 2020
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can anyone help me and give some advice. I have nearly completed a two inch scale model of a Waterloo boy model R tractor. I used a wallaby engine kit as the engine for this model this needed to be tipped on its side too make a horizontal twin. I have used the kiwi mark 2carburettor ,the problem is that when I try to run the engine it will only run for short time between eight to thirty seconds. Then it stops as if flooded itself but will start up again straight away for another short time. I have changed fuel mix with no improvement, can anyone suggest other things I could try or a different carburettor I could use , the current carburettor has direct feed from fuel tank and has no float bowl as there is limited space when fitted into the model.
the answers to the questions is the tank is higher then the carburettor and the tank is ventedi have tried fitting restrictions in fuel line and also small tank next to carburettor using main jet to suck up fuel
That is a very nice build documentation.
Yes, I would keep the fuel level below the fuel inlet to the carb.
How much intake duration do you have, are you creating sufficient intake vacuum?
Thanks for these thoughts I will check induction time has any other input fuel regulation would be grateful received