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As an aside, there are hundreds of model railway magazines, dating back to 1938...





Auction house says they don't sell as folk use t'internet to read up.
To the tip then?
Back to chucks...
Any of these any good for the Westbury!...





These ones were inside the Myford stand...

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With the lathe I usually hold the milling cutter in a 3 jaw chuck**. The better solution is to use the collets with a Number 2 Morse Taper shown on the left - note that they are used with the closing nose shown to the right and below a black tube device which is to remove the collet from the nose. These collets sell for about £20 each if you can get them.

The second option is shown to the right and is for what are known as ER collet holder - typically ER25 size shown in the lower picture. These cost about £40 new and screw onto the threaded nose of the Myford/Westbury

All these holding methods will work on the Westbury although I do not recommend using a 3 jaw chuck - but you could. When I had a Westbury mill I used the Myford collets to hold the end mills.

**The reality is that I seldom mill in the lathe and never where accuracy is needed unless....unless....

As always ask any question and someone on the Forum will know the answer


Mike, when you say "...Number 2 Morse Taper shown on the left" and "...shown to the right" and "...lower picture" to what picture/s are you referring please?
Top photo: some die holders for the lathe and numerous drill chucks for either - in the lathe they mostly go in the tailstock - which is the smaller movable lump on the right hand side.
Second: a nice boring head (I have one the same) - use in either.
3rd: milling/slitting-saw arbor and an ER collet chuck - use on either, as the mill has a spindle nose to match the Myford.
Bottom: shell mills and arbor, and another Autolock chuck - mainly for the milling machine.

Anyway - I thought the auctioneers were supposed to know all this.

(BTW - unlike Mike, I prefer Autolock chucks.)
Charles, I think you're referring to my photos in my post #122, correct?
Yes, I'm sure that is right.

The auctioneers may well know it all, but my interest is to try and find the options available to the chap I know interested in the Westbury milling machine... I'll explain more in a while...
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I play and collect saxophones, and last week took two over to my woodwind repairer of many years. Whilst there I mentioned the machines and he said he was looking for a milling machine. We identified the Westbury as such.

My plan is to take the Westbury and any suitable "bits" over to him Friday. He can set it up and see if it works, although I noticed the orange drive belt is snapped as here. Or should there be some kind of connector? Otherwise where's best to get a replacement belt the correct size?...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 21.34.05.png

I'll take the most likely attachments and cutters to him to choose from.

At present I'm thinking of taking the MT2 and MT3 autolock chucks, so he has both imperial and metric collets to fit the MT2 version (the MT3 taper being redundant).

I could also take the ER25 collet holder (need to locate its wrench), and the box of collets found under the lathe which are labelled to go with it. They're labelled "Size 2 - 18" but I've no idea what the numbers relate to - would it be mm?

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 21.40.08.png

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 21.42.02.png

This Myford "set", below, seems to comprise everything needed, taper, collets, extractor sleeve...
Is this a good option for the Westbury?...

Screenshot 2023-05-30 at 21.39.36.png

I'm still not sure what @Mike Ginn meant by "The better solution is to use the collets with a Number 2 Morse Taper shown on the left - note that they are used with the closing nose shown to the right and below a black tube device which is to remove the collet from the nose. These collets sell for about £20 each if you can get them."

Not sure if these are shown in my photos or those Mike posted, perhaps he could clarify?

Anyhow... that's the plan so far. Anything else I could look for to take with me? It's bound to be here somewhere!

Anything not wanted I'll take over to the auction house (it's near me) to re-join the other machines, lathe, etc ready for the auction day.
With the milling machine he could have:
the J&S vice,
all the cutters in post 117,
the Arrand boring head in post 122 photo 2 (there is another one trying to hide in the tin drawer of drill chucks in photo 1)
the shell mills and their arbor
the ER chuck and their collets (yes, mm)

You have correctly identified the case of Myford collets as the type Mike mentioned. These might wll be a good idea for the milling machine.

The belt - Ebay probably as good as anywhere, also lots of online eg:
Thanks Charles, very useful.
What are the "shell mills and their arbor" please?
The Westbury already has an MT3, not MT2, chuck fitted. This matches the Autolock MT3 taper shown fitted in pic 6 below...






So I need to forget anything MT2, which is everything other than the MT3 Autolock (but includes the imperial collets with the MT2 Autolock).

There are, I recall, a few other MT3 taper attachments somewhere. Would these be for the Myford too, or is that definitely MT2 only. I know the Myford is MT2 on the right side as I test fitted the MT2 Autolock in it.

Oh... and the MT3 chuck already in the Westbury... how are cutters held in it? What should I be searching for so that is an alternative to the Autolock?

Many thanks!
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So previous assumptions are wrong and the milling machine has a non-standard spindle nose that is not threaded for Myford chucks such as the ER one in post 122 photo 3.

The Myford is MT2 both ends.

In post 122 last photo there is a green metal box with type-c collets - they might fit.

The items in post 122 photo 4 might be MT3. The shell milling cutters and arbor are the items on the left in that photo .

There exist taper sleeves to allow 2MT shanks to fit in an MT3 socket. If you find one of those you have more options, but for rigidity it is best to stick with 3MT for milling.
The MT3 already in the Westbury looks as though it has some kind of collet in it? I can't remove it. The outer thread has a small Allen bolt midway, into the chuck, but removing this makes no difference. I'll keep this chuck in for travel.

Oh... and the motor works and I found its stand...

I responded yesterday but it seems that my post didn't post - maybe I simply closed the app
Basically I said that there are 3 ways to hold a end mill in a lathe. A 3 jaw chuck which I normally use - not ideal but for a quick job it is easy and quite rigid since it is located and screwed to the Myford nose. You could use a chuck on the Westbury but I doubt if anyone would do that - I wouldn't

Myford sold a range of collets which fitted inside the spindle taper and held in place with a retaining cap which screwed onto the thread of the lathe spindle. These can be used on both the lathe and mill

The third option (there are variations) is an ER collet which screws onto the threaded nose and can be used on both lathe and mill.

LH picture shows the Myford collets with the closing cap to the right and the collet cap extractor above. These collets were/could be supplied is a wooden box with holes as shown in the last 2 pictures

The top middle picture shows an ER collet chusk which screws onto the threaded nose. Typically people use ER25 size collets on the Myford and these are shown in the lower left picture. ER32 and ER20 are also used. There are several versions of this chuck mainly concerning the arrangement for holding it onto the nose of the lathe, The chuck shown on the far right is not usually used with the mill but is used in conjunction with a lathe back plate to allow a degree of adjustment.

I hope I have answered your question


David and Guys
I think I am loosing the picture!
I hadn't noticed that the Westbury has a 3MT and no thread so my comments about myford collets on the Westbury is not correct. A 3MT can become a 2MT for any attachment using a sleeve. I guess the chuck for holding the milling cutters which all seem to have a thread would be one of the Autolock chucks. My Westbury had a 2MT and I didn't think there was sufficient material for a 3MT - maybe yours has a non-standard spindle?
Thanks Mike. It's a confusing thread for sure! I'm just going to take the two Autolock chucks and collets, and the cutters. Anything else is up to the buyer to choose at his leisure.
Basically take anything with a 3MT which would be the Autolock chucks with collets, drill chucks, the Arrand boring head and also the Jones vice. I would also take all the milling cutters - basically any round cutter. There are 3 parts to the mill, the base, the head and the motor and there should be a switch. All the accessories are very good quality. I am not sure if the mill has a gear box - the MK2 did - and if so I think it needs to be filled with oil. I only had a MK1 so my knowledge of the MK2 is limited but I do believe Ivan Law introduced better gearing. Don't forget to point out the marking on the hand wheels. These are engraved and unless your BiL had engraving kit it would be expensive to have done. The mill seems to be selling for between £500-700. The quality Jones vice is retailing second hand at £370. Cutters are worth at least £10 each
Best of luck
You might fine these videos useful. The first shows the history of the Westbury.
I do note that the Westbury Mk2 has a 2MT with a Myford thread so your BiL has a non standard spindle which is really good as the 3MT is larger and the spindle is also likely to be larger all of which increases rigidity which is key to machining.

The videos also show the use of the Myford collets which in your case will only fit the Myford


Found this today, MT3...



Any good for the Westbury? Brand new, around £50 OK for it? No maker's name but it could be the same make as this similarly boxed MT2...


It looks like a Posilock 3MT chuck for threaded end mills. Its 3MT so fits the modified Westbury
Again if it is 3MT it fits the Westbury and not the Myford