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Thanks Mike. How does it differ from the Autolock in function?
They both do the same job. I can't explain why there are so many of these chucks - I must refer to more knowledge members for the answer.

BUT if it is 3MT then its for the Westbury. Unfortunately (and sadly) we will never know the thinking behind your BiL decisions apart from the fact that he appreciated quality products and worked to a very high standard.
He was a naval architect by profession so was used to working to military standards. For instance my SIL was explaining this morning that every window in the house has a key on a hook to the right. This was ingrained from the navy always considering the risk of fire and escape routes. I'm guessing he had thought about strain and rigidity of the milling head and went for a more robust solution?
It is likely that there are drawings of the spindle and casting mods either on the original copies or separate. From what I have seen I am sure he would have kept the documents which really should go with the mill.
I'm a chartered Engineer and "suffer" from the same tidy affliction. You will be interested to know that everything (1500 items) in my workshop are listed in a spread sheet and I have a full photographic folder of, for instance, all the items which should be sold with the lathe whenever that time comes. I was thinking of writing a post describing and encouraging others to do the same. We are all getting older and such a document would help the executers move on the equipment. I would like to avoid the problems you have had and I am aware that none of my relatives have a clue about my model engineering kit - sad but a reality!
Mike, you're a mind reader! We found his "Westbury" folder...


Including working instructions...





Also, note the option of MT3 here...


This is a great resource for the buyer.
That all makes sense now. I didn't know that a 3MT was an option - I have never seen one for sale. It makes sense because I consider modifying a 2MT spindle within the quill to 3MT to be very difficult (impossible?). The drawings clearly show the 3MT

So You can sell it as a Standard Dore Westbury Mill with (very rare) upgraded spindle to 3MT with matching Autolock and similar chucks plus cutters. Optionally a really good quality vice. If you have a rotary table that could also fit the mill as an additional option.

Best of Luck on Friday

Thanks Mike, and Charles for your comment, made me chuckle.

The auction house has been. They were exceptionally careful and expert at partly dismantling the lathe, wrapping it, and removing it. Very courteous and efficient, I can't fault them at all. They also put the Westbury in my car for me to deliver tomorrow.

They were from Gildings auctioneers in Market Harborough, machines, model railway stuff, engines, tools, etc. We used them when my dad died a few years ago, not for machines, just general stuff.

I'll update the thread when we know the auction date, probably a couple of months time. My SIL, wife and I will attend the auction on the day to watch all (or at least some) of the items go through.

It's been so helpful to post here and we're really grateful for your expert knowledge. Best wishes to all.
It was so good that you reached out (to use an Americamism!). So many people try to struggle along very much in the dark. It has convinced me to make a posting about planning for the future and how to make it easier for those who remain!

Best wishes and keep us posted on progress - a digital catalogue would be fantastic

Yep, auction will be online too so I'll post a link. I wonder how many here are interested in model trains as opposed to model engines? There are hundreds of the former, a few of the latter, and as we know... plenty of machines!
Heads up all...

The auction date for The David Pickup Scale Model Railway Collection and Workshop is 11:00 Thursday 16th November at Gildings Auctioneers, Market Harborough.
This is an ONLINE auction but PRIOR VIEWING BY APPOINTMENT is NOW OPEN - Please phone Gildings to book your appointment to have a rummage before the auction date.

All being well the online catalogue is due to be online this Friday so do keep a lookout for it.

I have seen the pre-sale advice and if I were in any way interested with model railways and workshop machines I'd be cancelling any arrangements I'd made for that day and heading to the auction.

Please make sure you check with the auction house regarding any query about viewing, bidding, or if you'd like them to take any extra photos of anything for you.

Many heartfelt thanks to all here for your advice and help in identifying and valuing some of the machines. You've yet to see the approx. 150 lots for engines, rolling stock, and railway accessories but there will be something amongst the sale which will no doubt be attractive to everyone.

Best of luck with your bids. Feel free to report back here what bargains you've bagged!

If there's any change to the auction date I'll let you all know here.

Post updated 2nd Nov to specify auction is online only, viewing by appointment open now.
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There's been a development...

I wasn't happy with the way the Myford tooling had been listed or displayed. Mark Gilding has today stepped in and donned overalls to go through the tools personally. He's still working away as I type, sorting the Myford accessories into thoughtful lots, and many of the other tools too.

As a result, there will now be an additional circa 50 lots of tools. The auction will be offline later today to update the listings, then back online sometime tomorrow.

ALSO... it is now possible to bid IN PERSON on the 16th November as well as online and by phone.

Pre-auction viewing recommended, by appointment with Gildings.

Good luck all!
I bought a couple of cabinets of assorted bits - I'm very pleased but there's a couple of small items that have "Dore Westbury" on the bag - so if the person who bought that item would send me a message on here, I'll see if we can get the parts to you.

Hi Richard, I know who has the Dore Westbury milling machine. I'll PM you.

Overall my SIL was very pleased, especially as almost everything was sold bar a few items not particularly train or workshop related. The record turntable sold though!

The Myford, with a few accessories, went for £1,700.

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