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Australian Members; Looking for a Metal Lathe

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The http://metalworkforums.com/ forum has a used equipment for sale/wanted part on their forum. It is an Australian based, and 99% of the stuff for sale is based in AU. I've bought a lot of stuff from the forum members over the years.

Yes there are some crazy high prices asked for Myfords and Hercuses (Herci??) but some cheapies out there too. Trouble is finding one close to your location. There's a Hercus 9" on Gumtree at the moment for $950 asking. BUT, it's 2,500 miles away in Western Australia.
FWIW, when looking for/at Myfords, the Super 7 seems to sell for way more, like double, what a basic ML7 sells for. I've seen the ML7s go for reasonable prices about a grand, whereas the Super 7 seems to always command a $2,500 tag. Lot of extra money for a slightly better headstock bearing, cross feed and maybe a QC gearbox. On the other hand, I lucked on to an ML7 at a garage sale for $400 - but it was totally clapped when I got it home and cleaned the gunge off it. Luckily I have the engineering background to fix it myself.

The SEIG lathes from Ausee mentioned in a previous post have a good rep. If all you are doing is model plane engines, you might consider one of their C3 Minilathes. Quite a bit cheaper than the bigger lathes and many a good model engine has been turned out on one of them. Quite a few good books dedicated to their use too.

One I would advise you to steer clear of is the Optimum brand mini and micro lathes. Had a mate bought one and was quite poorly made.
Hi all,
I live in Sydney and have had an extensive Hom Model Machining Workshop. My name is Arvind. Unfortunately, age has caught up with me and it is time for me to let go of all my gear. The main items of interest are a Sherline Lathe and a Sherline Mill. I also have a Enco (original)mini lathe. I have a very largh ancillary attechments for all these, and most (98%) have never been used. I also have a lot of books and Model Engineer Workshop (UK) magagines. I want the gear to go to those who are actuall machinists rather than on-sellers, and so prices will be very reasonable.

There are too many items to list here. If any of you are interested please correspond and I can provide details.