American Precision Museum Model Engineering show

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Jul 19, 2007
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Northern Vermont, USA
If anyone is in the New England area, you might enjoy this. It is the 8th year
they have held this show. Not huge, but a nice mix of models. Admission also gets you into the American Precision Museum just down the street .
This will be the last weekend before they close for the winter I believe. (10/27) I plan to exhibit again this year, hope to have a new motor running by then. Time keeps flying by.

Don Huseman

will you post pictures of the show. I have tried to get some of my home machine shop club member to go back with me to the museum but they all look at me like I am going to use the mics for c clamps. I took several member to the Ford museum at greenfield village and we had a great time. I did it on a package deal with travelocity and we went round trip form La to Dearborn stayed at a very nice hotel and had a car for 4 days for a total price of 312 each. The best $312 I ever spent. The reason we went was I was setting up an 1903 Wright flyer engine block on the Putnam lathe they had in the bicycle shop My Avatar picture is me laying on a very big shaper table with the ram about to take a cut on my belly. The guy pointing at my belly is Jerry Brown builder of a steam powered crane that works. I will try and get him to post pictures of his crane.