Pete Menger Model Engine & Hobby Show, Monroeville, IN - October 14, 2023

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I really enjoyed the show, displaying some engines and catching up with friends that I haven’t seen since COVID. Looking forward to next years show at the museum. Could you please supply the dates for next years show. I’m trying to spread the word!
I made reservations for the 2024 show. The Comfort Inn said they weren't asked about a show rate. I have sent several emails to the engine show email address asking about this and reserving table space. I have yet to receive a response.
Gen had the same issue with the Hampton, I sent a note off to Aaron on this and got a response Thursday that he would contact the person in charge of the hotel stuff to get it resolved. At least the Hampton person said she would give Gen the new rate when she was made aware of it.

Aw c'mon guys. I know planning a show takes a tremendous amount of work but I've emailed, gone on facebook and posted on the forums with no answers.