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Jul 2, 2021
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MidSouth, USA
Is anyone interested in helping organize a new model engine show in 2022?

I have a 1,500 sq.ft. commercial building in Greers Ferry Arkansas, with 3 acres of grass for parking.
Power is 3-phase, with a large 3-phase air compressor.

It would be a semi-formal affair.
Bring your own table and chairs.

Sometime in 2022; not sure exactly when I could be set up for it.

So many other shows cancelled until who knows when?
Seems to be no end to the show cancellations, and I suspect some/many shows are gone for good.
I have been waiting patiently for years, but no more waiting for me.
It is time to act and make it happen.


1. Model engine displays.
2. Makers displays (3D printers and printing, pattern making, mold making).
3. Foundry display/seminar.
4. Iron pour demonstrations (casting model engine parts in gray iron).

Attend and display at your own risk.
Sign a waiver form prior to attending (to waive COVID liabilities).

Anyone want to help make this happen?

Pat J

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I guess we will call it the "Ozark Mountain Model Engine Symposium".


Lets start something new.
Be there or be square.

Attend at your own risk.
Sign a waiver and call it done.
All are welcome, vaxed or non-vaxed.

If you are concerned about COVID, do not attend this show.

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This was the 2019 FIRE demonstration iron pour (pouring gray iron).
I would do something along these lines.

Night pours are rather dramatic, however there are a good reason for night pours too, such as not stroking out in the southern heat, and being able to see how the furnace is running judging from the radiant heat/glow.


At the 2019 FIRE event (Foundry Invitational and River Exhibit), I spent most of the day getting set up under a metal cover.
Not too long after I fired up the burner, a big storm blew in across the river.
High winds and heavy rain started.

All of the invitational casting crew stood their ground, and we did an iron pour right in the middle of a howling storm.
Great times and great people for sure.
Castings came out great too, in spite of the storm.
Sometimes you just have to go for it.

Video clip courtesy of "Cast Iron Gypsy".

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Thanks Steve.
I will try a small affair to begin, and if only 10 people show up, then so be it.

Next year, perhaps word gets out, and then 100 people.

After that, I guess it depends on the support.

Less is more as far as I am concerned.
Better to have 50 great model people attend than 1000 people who are not really interested in modeling.

There is a lot of potential for a new show, especially from the foundry/backyard casting aspect.

I will get to work and see if I can get something set up.

I guess there will have to be some sort of limit on attendance?
I would be ugly to have 10,000 exhibitors show up all of a sudden, but they would all be welcome none the less.

I will do a layout and see how many tables 1,500 sq.ft. will hold (not many).

There are multiple campgrounds available in the immediate area (depending on the time of year) situated on a majestic lake with water clear enough to scuba dive in.

Its a crazy idea, but what the heck; lets make it happen !!!
There will probably never be a more scenic show, as you can see from the photos below.





The dog is my wife's.
It goes where we go.


Bad news, my wife just got diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer today, so unfortunately I am out of the game.

Sorry about that; I had high hopes.

Wife comes first; everything else goes on the back burner indefinitely.

Thanks much Steve.
I am sure there are many here and elsewhere who have experience the same thing or worse.

The prognosis is not too bad right now at Stage 3, with perhaps an 86% chance of living 5 years (but this does not include complications with COVID and a suppressed immune system).

I am always aware that so many have it much worse then we do, and that sort of puts it into perspective.
My wife and I have had a great life so far, and we are grateful for that.

I feel for others in the same boat.
We will take it a day at a time.
That is all one can do.


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