Ageless 9 and 18 Radial

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I did mine with manual machines. Just have to be very deliberate and think about what needs to be done continually. I have DROs on my mill/ drill, so that helped immensely.

A true machinist. This build has humbled me thinking about people before me completing this build with manual machines. Just incredible.
Yes, I bought the gears online. The drawings call out the gear that is required to be purchased
As I recall there is a al gear to be cut on the crank near a counter weight a standar gear cutter would probably cut deep slots into the counterweight . One guy hear made his owne cutter that looked very nice .

As a result I looked up gear profile endmills . These exist but are special order atvthe time I looked one way or the other you will have some gashes in the counter weight . I did look into different means of installing counter weights. It would be best to contact Hogson directly . Have drawing pages on hand when you do he may have alternate ideas. He and his dad undoubtedly explored this a long time