5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

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Dont know about the door yet Dave.However i have decided to put the loco
on the back burner for now.I have reached the stage where to get it running
on air i need a full strip down clean ,check adjust etc before reasemble and
fit gaskets and O rings etc.I dont have a compressor or room for one but
i may be able to borrow one.Then i have the major decisions on the boiler
I have the expertise but at my age lack the confidence and money,matls
tooling etc + the other necessaries like oxy?
/acet, brazing hearth pickle bath etc. Will see how it goes.Meanwhile as the weather cools down i am starting
a few smaller projects from my list of to do_One i have just posted on a cheap
toolpost grinder.
Hi Baz,

Well, sorry to hear this information from you. I had a feeling it might go this way. I'm not sure why you would have to strip everything down to get it running on air. I assumed everything was adjusted as you went. If you don't have a compressor, or funds to complete, this is probably where it will remain. The boiler is a huge stumbling block and this is where most people stop. These facts cannot be changed. I see many, many, started chassis for sale and the original owner is long gone.

I wish you success with your tool post grinder.

Made the frames,stretchers and beams and fully assembled
Had enough rivits from many years ago but only temp fixings
until i can collate a bolt list.Basically everything done thats on the first drawing
Then i made the mistake of studying the rest of the drgs. Frightening.
Starting to worry about the boiler,like a fool. Just concentrate on a bit at time
and dont worry about the rest.Its good to start with the easy bits and build up
I have orsered a copy of Martins book and wlii order some fixings, the wheels
and the axle boxes next.I am enjoying it even if it never gets finished
All i can sy is the mill and dro sure make things easierView attachment 90995

View attachment 90996
I like what you've done so far, i built two Simplex myself, wonderful performers. I just had my next Super Simplex's frames lazy cut(laser cut)
in 71/4 in. Currently fabricating the cylinders from solid cast iron. Why not
go for Super Simplex? better performer. Will post pics soon.

Look forward to it.Thanks for posting.The old drgs i have are for the simplex
But i ran into problems with the smokebox for which Dave helped me out
So any further orogress will be for the super.On hold for now next step will be getting to run on air and i am a little daunted with the thoughts of the boiler
both financial and expertise

I have just returned to this forum after a considerable time away and found you r thread which I have added to my favourites list. I am impressed by your workmanship and the innovation you apply to overcoming obstacles. The speed at which you have progressed the Simplex chassis is also commendable. I note that you have reached a crossroads in how you will proceed from here on in. In particular the making of the boiler. You have flagged age as a deterrent, but let me say that I am older than you and have made boilers for my 3 1/2" gauge Rob Roy and Black 5 Doris, the latter being near to the size required for your previous Heilan Lassie. Simplex boiler is larger but I should imagine well within your capabilities but requires Propane and Oxy-Acetylene particularly in the final stages. I am sure that you are aware that if you intend to run the locomotive on a club track that the boiler must be constructed to the AMBSC Code Part 1 Copper Boilers and that the design and construction be certified by a boiler inspector. This means joining a club since boiler inspectors are associated with a club and none as far as I know operate freelance. There are 4 clubs that operate in or close to Adelaide and a further 6 in South Australia. Happenstance I also live in Adelaide so we are near neighbours.

Some work so far on 2 engines S/Simplex Hybrid in 71/4 in. & Hunslet in 5" (also hybrid)
The driving wheels obtained from another ME and was bored oversize hence the bushes
Good luck to us all
ME regards





Seems like the documentation of a Simplex build other than Baz's, belongs in a new separate thread? Up to this point, this thread was about Baz's Simplex and other folks giving suggestions and help for his build.

Okay, it looks like mikelkie has decided to take over Baz's build thread with a 7-1/4" Super Simplex build. This is a pretty strange thing to do. I guess we'll just all go with it as it looks like the hijack is "Full Steam Ahead and" no body has even flinched! Most folks would have started their own build thread. Maybe we should just put all of the locomotive build posts into a single thread to save space.

Mikelkie--It is considered rather rude to start posting a bunch of your pictures in someone elses thread. Obviously you are a very skilled builder. It would be much nicer if you start your own thread to show your build in.---Brian
Hi guys,i dont mind Mikelkie posting on my thread,it does keep it alive and shows people are still interested.However i agree it would be nice for him to start his own thread on his work on the 7 1/4" simplex and i for one would be very interested in following it Regards Barry
There's no intention on my part to take over or to "hyjack" someones thread, just thought it may be good to revive
the enthusiasm shown by Bazmak. Will refrain from future posting on this thread. :eek:
G'Day mikelkie. I would very much appreciate being able to follow your Simplex build and I am sure many others feel the same way. It is so helpful to us lesser skilled enthusiasts when such informative threads are available. Thank you, Dave
Mike I would like to see how you go on building your two locos. So please start a thread on how you have gone about it. There is always more ways to machine the same item and I enjoying seeing different setups as well as seeing progress on different engines.
I will reopen this thread.It does not seem like 21/2 yrs since i put the simplex on the backburner.In the intervening time
i have bought/restored and sold 17 Myford lathes while watching the Simplex go rusty. However Myfords have been
in short supply and i have been busy looking for things to keep me busy.So i thought i would strip down and clean up
the Simplex,then decided to make a few more bits and pieces. As a time served sheetmetalworker i decided to make the cab/side tanks etc
Had to make do with hammer and dollies etc and made good use of my mini anvil.Its adds a bit of bling and starts to look more
like a steam engine.Will make what i can to start and then strip down ,clean/adjust and try to get running on air
Made a little progress since last reply, Don't know what to call it yet was suppose to be a Simplex in 7/ 1/4 but with almost simplex framework, non scaled wheels, American valvegear (Baker) SAR boiler and tender no side tanks and bunker and may be american cab. Perhaps a Complex? I was hooked by the smooth operation of the big engine NKP 765 after watching on youtube. All criticism wellcome. Unable to upload video being to large. but on youtube
https://youtu.be/GLkilcpQiil Apologies for my absence
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