5"g Simplex steam loco build (hopefully)

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For a no of reasons i wanted to make the smoke box next.Nothing available at 5" dia in either m/st or brass.As David said the way to go is to roll a brass strip
However difficult with no rollers or welding gear.Option were to make from solid
or reduce a larger dia steel pipe.Once upon a time it would be easy peasy with
the correct tooling,but all i had was a hammer and G clamps.
I bought a piece of 51/2" dia x 3/16" wall galv. pipe. The thicker wall i had in mind to be able to turn down after reducing but decided it would be too stiff to form so turned down to 1/8" wall before reworking.Happy with the result but
would have been a lot easier with rollers.I can tin the damaged internal galv
with soft solder at a later date Sbox 01.jpg

Sbox 02.jpg

Sbox 03.jpg

Sbox 04.jpg

Sbox 05.jpg

Sbox 06.jpg

Sbox 07.jpg

Sbox 08.jpg

Sbox 09.jpg
To finish the smokebox i ordered the castings for the door and ring in GM
No castings available for the SB/boiler ring so decided to try and make myself
Not much equipment or heat but a lot of barely remembered nouse
I bought a length of 3/4" x 1/4" brass for $20 and with a quote nof over $60 for rolling i decided to give it go myself.Nothing ventured ,nothing gained
Tried annealing a small section and forming with a mallet but the annealing
left a brittle zone which just snapped off.I had sufficient heat in my small torch
to make the brass almost plyable so made a former and pulled it round
Not enough heat to silver solder so i made and fitted a joining plate
The rolling was accurate enough for everything to clean up well and all i have to do now is to rivit it to the smokebox before finish turning. Hard work
but i am well satisfiedSB ring 01.jpg

SB ring 02.JPG

SB ring 03.jpg

SB ring 04.jpg

SB ring 05.jpg
Hi Baz,

Do you have the boiler barrel to try for fitting to the ring? For connecting the boiler to the ring, you might consider using button head screws instead of rivets. It will be handy to be able to take this joint apart.

Thanks Dave,i dont have the boiler barrel so will turn and leave oversize for now.The book says to make the SB to barrel a screwed conn.With Heilan Lassie
i used a no of brass csk screws so as to clear the lagging.Will do the same here
I wanted to finish the smokebox for a little bling.Have family coming over for Xmas,so they will recognise it.Merry Xmas to you and family. Regards barry
Hi Baz,

Well, thank you so much! Merry Xmas to you and yours as well! We have about 6 inches of snow on the ground right now, it is beautiful. The locals folks hate it, but, I love it. My thought is, if you don't like it, you should move!

Okay, screwed connection for the smoke box to boiler, good.

Rivitted the smokebox ring in posn and turned the spigot
to just oversize for conn to the boiler barrel,which will be a screwed conn
Waiting for delivery of the smokebox and ring castings in the meantime will
think about the chimney and blastpipe assy.Similar to what i did for Heilan LassieSB ring 06.JPG

SB ring 07.JPG

h lassie 10.jpg
Finished RIVETTING for now so while i am awaiting the smokebox door
i decided to partially machine the door fixings, Dart and handles etc
With Heilan Lassie i recall silver soldering taper pins to form the arms
This one is a little larger and easier so i decided to machine from solid stainless steel,even though its not easy drilling and tapping small sizes.It all worked out well,nice and strong even if the single m3 tapped hole took me 20mins
using 3 taps with care.No breakage.The dart can be finished to suit the door

door lock 01.JPG

door lock 02.jpg

door lock 03.jpg

door lock 04.jpg

door lock 05 .jpg
The smokebox ring and door castings arrived so i went out to the shed
to start machining.Quick once over with a measuring stick confirmed they were the wrong ones.Quick telecon with the supplier and i posted them back to the supplier.What to do,i looked at my must to do list and made this little gem
Cant remember where i saw it but i knew it was a must do.A simple spring loaded spindle lock for the sieg benchmill.Couple of blocks of alum,fixed the the 2 existing m5 tapped holes that hold the perspex guard and a simple spring loaded pin made from a HT cap screw.Works a treat,pictures tell the storymill lock 01.jpg

mill lock 02.JPG

mill lock 03.jpg

mill lock 04.jpg

mill lock 05.jpg

mill lock 06.jpg

mill lock 07.jpg

mill lock 08.jpg
Hi Baz,

Nice bit of tooling for your drill press.

Have you been able to get a fitting for compressed air to connect to the steam supply to the cylinders?

Hi Dave,seen a few fittings that will do but wanted to finish the smokebox first
to give me an idea of congestion.Will have to borrow my neibours compressor again or buy a small one.My problem is lack of space.My shed is only 5 x 14ft
I do have a double garage as part of the house with double doors to the living area.Have a pool table,table tennis and darts etc with lots of book cases
Dont want to get involved with the mess and noise indoors.but can use it as storage for a small wheelaway compressor etc
Before i can i need a full strip down to clear tight spots and fit gaskets and O rings etc.So its a major excercise to do in the new year
when all the festivities are over and guests have left
Hi Baz,
I remember when my loco was close to running on air, I did everything I could to make that happen as soon as possible. I only worked on those things that would bring the loco closer to running on air. All of the glands are filled with graphite string, no O rings. Gaskets were made as the cylinders and steam chests were made to make sure the spacing between the parts would be okay. Cylinder covers are sealed with RTV. Don't forget to add a tapped hole in the covers for a jacking screw to remove them. What you have done looks great so far, I understand you will do things in an order that makes the most sense for you.

Well festivities are over.Not the best holiday i have had.My son and family came over from the UK and brought the Flu.Everyone poorly and im still not well after
3 weeks.Daughter came over from Melbourne for the New Year and informed us
that they had gone Vegan.So altogether not much eaten or drunk.Bad news is
that a lot of food was thrown out,good news is i have enough enough booze to last thru summer
Back to the smoke box saga.I sent the castings back telling the supplier they were incorrect,and after a few emails it was ascetained i was working to obsolete drawings.Castings were returned and MANY thanks to David (builder 01) for sending me the updated drawings.Had to make a new smokebox and remachine the smokebox saddle.Machined and fitted the ring and door.Finished the locking arms,dart and arm etc and well on the way to finishing the hinges etc so back to suare one.Temp has been hitting the 40o mark so too hot in the shed.Anyway i am back on line Happy New Year to everybodySbox 100.jpg

Sbox 101.jpg

Sbox 102.jpg
BAZMAK, Great work, keep it up.
Sorry to hear that you all caught the ‘Flu over Christmas, but to lighten things? Did you know that our (UK) current ‘Flu epidemic (Which I also have) is called “Australian ‘Flu”, therefore your son was only “bringing it back”!
Yes i knew it was the Oz flu and that we sent it to them.I had the jabs last winter
and did not catch here. fortunately my wife and new grandson (4 mths) did not catch it
It has now turned into bronchitis so i am still struggling. I am just starting to get in the mood for the shed but the weather is heating up again
Hi Barry,

Good to see you are trudging on! So sorry everyone got sick at your place! I hope everyone has recovered.

Carry on, looking good!

Glad to know the 'little one' missed the thing.

Me, still barking like a dog== after the so called Festivities.

I finally took the advice of an old girl friend who apparently rubs her chest with Vick vapor rub.

Settled for my dwindling stocks of Tiger Balm- but not on her chest.

So its Burns Supper to be followed by the Chinese New Year to be followed by a week in the Dordogne and then a week at something called Center Parks- the home of Robin Hood or something equally daft.

Somewhere I have to fit in the new 'toy'-- unless I get an another invite to more Haggis Country.

What's vegan? I was brought up in the war like the Chinese. If it doesn't;t poison you-- eat it.

Happy New Whatsit

Hi Norm,thats me barking like a dog.Went to Centre Parks in Sherwood forest
Really enjoyed it.Something for all ages.Went in winter with snow on the ground.Spent most days in the water world/dome with the kids but also went for nice
quiet walks in the woods feeding the wildlife.Even grumpy old gits like us would
find it enjoyable.It great if the snow falls Enjoy
Well i have almost finished the second smokebox.I machined the ring and door
and fitted to the smokebox.The hardest part was trying to form the hinges from
1.5 x 5mm brass but no matter how i tried/annealed etc trying to form the brass around a 2.5mm dia pin was a no go.So i redesigned the hinge slightly
and machined from solid.Then had to form around the spherical door.Went well
looks good and most important works well.As good as a bought oneSbox 100.jpg

Sbox 101.jpg

Sbox 102.jpg

Sb door 01.jpg

Sb door 02.jpg

Sb door 03.jpg

Sb door 04.jpg

Sb door 05.jpg

Sb door 06.jpg

Sb door 07.JPG


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    Sb door 08.jpg
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Hi Baz,

I have not checked up on you in a while. Things are looking good! I like your smoke box and door. Very good! Looks like you decided to not machine the radius on the door front, left as raw casting?


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