Simplex 5 Inch restauration/rebuild

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Jan 12, 2022
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Thuringia, Germany
Here I start my construction report about my Simplex in 5 inch constructed from Martin Evans in the 1960s.

They originally comes from england and was build in the 1970s and in the old boilerbook are comments from there until the late 1980s. Than it comes nothing more. The builder is unknown. Maybe one of you from england know more about the loco and the builder. They was probably sold to germany in the 1990s or 2000s. I bought them then recently bevore christmas, because the old man he bouth they from england was died and his son had no interests in the loco. Rest in peace.

They came in a big wooden box and five blue plastic boxes in his parts. The frame with axes an the boiler where in the wooden transportbox, the litle parts in the blue boxes.


Thats the first of my reports. Tomorrow I will tell you about the completeness an what I need to complet my loco.

Many greetings

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