5-cylinder radial

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oh my gosh! That’s terrible. My siste recently broke the upper arm bone the humorous as well as shoulder . I have a bad foot and it’s hard enough to get around . I use a cane . Should you choose this be careful as it’s easy to have the cane slip if you put side pressure on it and use every hand hold you can.

Senior injuries are very difficult to deal with . As a life long sports player many contact sports should you fall try to roll with the fall don’t use hands fingers etc they break easily every sport I played involved Rohlin eventually on the ground it always seemed much of practices were spent rolling around on the ground . I I always thought it a time waster. However in senior life I’ve used this a number of times to prevent injuries other than to break my useless glasses rolling over them I’ve not been hurt. I’ve fallen on the deck steps three time so far and “ rolled” with the fall and didn’t get hurt. Not even a bruise as was pounded into me “roll, roll “ I now have a fall detector that automatically calls 911. I carry my phone but if you land on it and damage it you are done the detector has a speake and two way communication

Anyway please be careful. Our thoughts are with you .
Thank you very much.

I'm a little sad about the last few days. I broke my leg, tore two ligaments in my ankle, and now it's hard to fight the pain and do anything meaningful at the same time.

Adding again link:
Knowing how difficult this Hobby can be for certain things, I do have a lot of admiration for those that achieve the models seen in the website. I post few pictures, as mine are "more warts than pretty bits".
We need more pictures of "more warts than pretty bits" :cool: not everyone makes "jewlery". It encourages me in a similar way, if I see others struggle too. Makes me aware that real masterpieces do not come all of a sudden.

Greetings Timo
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I greet you.
I am also from Slovakia. How is your project going?
I am proud that you chose such a challenging project.
Let us know about you.
Best regards, Jozef.

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