5 cylinder radial engine

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Aug 26, 2009
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I'm currently working on a 5 cylinder radial engine. This is the first radial engine that I have ever worked on. You can stop by and take a look at various parts I've been working on here InTheShopWithDoc
I found your build series on Youtube & will bookmark to watch.
At the opening segment you mentioned plans for both a 5 & 9. Is it the Ohrndorf radial by chance?
No the 5 is an Edwards and the 9 is a Hodgson.
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Ah gotcha. What made me think maybe Ohrndorf 5 is because he requires you to also purchase the 9-cyl plans because they share some common parts to the 5-cyl (vs a standalone set of drawing). Kind of irritating but it is what it is. I justified it to myself by saying I'll probably build the 9 one day & that's where I thought I heard an echo in the room haha. Anyways, I'll pull up a chair & start watching your vids. Actually several Edwards builds on the forum. My friend up here in the Frozen North built one in the late 80's? back when there was no internet or forum type resources. He also installed spark ignition for gasoline & ran it in many scale contests in an RC model. Its a proven design. Good luck!