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May 23, 2023
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N. E. Indiana
Our venue is the wonderful national auto & truck museum, in Auburn Indiana (natmus.org)

Our new website is Indiana Engine Show and we will continue to update this along with our Facebook

Our Facebook Indiana model engine show

Here is a short video of 2023.

We hope to see you there.

And as always you can contact us with any questions/ concerns/ RSVP [email protected]

Aaron & the MGNI

As a post scrip, if you are in our local area , please consider joiner our clubs monthly meetings
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Are you going to get some fliers out to dick in Detroit so we can get them posted in all the tool stores like harbor freight and KBC? Also used to pass them out at car shows and swap meets. Hotrodders love this kind of stuff.
I'm still tickled that the video above I made at the 2023 show just to document for myself. I has no idea it was going to used by others.
Despite a weekend trip to NYC the weekend after and leaving for a cruise at the end of the month, I have booked a trip for this weekend as well. Staying Saturday night at the Hyatt Place in Ft. Wayne where I stayed one night a couple of years ago. Too late for minor league baseball in Ft. Wayne though. It would be great if next year's show was scheduled next to a night game there.

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