Seeking plans for twin cylinder inline i.c. engine

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You should already have them Brian, it is what you based several engines on.

Look for Nemett Bobcat & Jaguar

This is your version of the single cylinder Jaguar and your opposed twin used the same head and cylinder design. Bobcat is just two of the single s on one crank

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I think I just got smacked upside the head for asking for these plans. Let me clarify---I will buy the plans, but I don't know where to buy them from.---Brian
Well, knock me dead!!! I do have the plans for the Bobcat and for the Jaguar. I had them stored in my steam engine files instead of my i.c. engine files. I remember using the Jaguar files back about a dozen years ago when I designed the Canadian Cub based on Malcolm Stride's original Jaguar plans, but I never modelled the Bobcat stuff. Damn, I hate getting old!!

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