Rudy Kouhoupt Copperhead Steam Roller

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Well, I checked my picture file and can post photos of the Roller here as Scans .
I tried to get it sharper, but the photos were taken in 1984 with a old camera
and Rudy did not have many lights on .
I miss that guy !

Rudy Kouhoupt's Roller# 1.jpg
Rudy Kouhoupt's Roller# 2.jpg
Rudy Kouhoupt's Roller# 3.jpg
Rudy Kouhoupt's Roller# 4.jpg
Rudy Kouhoupt's Roller# 5.jpg
That's great, Rich! Many thanks. I can download these and take some useful measurements from them.

If I were able to use one of those fancy CAD drafting programs, I could probably draw up a set of plans for it, but I think I can make do with this, though I'll still keep looking for plans.
There was a free photo evaluation program available years ago--maybe 19 or so, that
could give you an idea of lengths when you entered a reference dimension .
I have long forgot the name but a fellow who did HO railroading showed it to me .
Maybe someone here can recall the name ?

Well, if that isn't it, it'll sure do till something better comes along!

Thank you, Rich, for all your time and trouble. I think I have a winter project here....
Just One request- Please keep us posted on your progress
Do not wait for it to be finished ,
Your endeavor will inspire others to do the same and keeping
a record --even with models (!) of our industrial past
is paramount to our society and mechanical history
Been a pleasure ... and Rudy would be proud of your desire !
I've been pondering this, and have concluded that, since Rudy and Birk Petersen (whose "Live Steam" construction series I have) both used what looks like the same model of steam roller as inspiration, I can use both of their models in designing my version of Rudy's roller.

In determining overall dimensions, I have decided to make something 60% of the size of the Petersen roller, not least because the channel frame rails I have just cut come from a piece of 3/4" square aluminum tube that I have lying around here. Of course, that's not the only consideration: I have a nice copper tube of about the right size for the boiler, and the overall length of Rudy's model seems to be about 60% of the Petersen roller's length.

The finished model will be more Kouhoupt than Petersen. It all looks feasible right now, and I'll plod along this winter.

My most serious concern, though, is the engine. I can see little of Rudy's engine in the photos I have, and the Petersen engine looks to be beyond my capabilities, so if anyone can suggest a rather basic little twin-cylinder horizontal slide-valve engine I'd appreciate a hand here; otherwise, I may just try something of my own devising....

Attached are the plans of the roller called "the Coffee Pot"
I hope these are the drawings your were looking for

Kind regards



  • 08-12-00-A3-SHEET-01.pdf
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  • 08-12-00-A3-SHEET-02.pdf
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  • 08-12-00-A3-SHEET-10.pdf
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Julius, you are one amazing person, and a supreme supporter of our hobby.
Words do not express the pleasure you bring to all steam engine enthusiasts
with your devotion to graphic plans and their free distribution.
May i say Thank You from the bottom of my heart !
Just accidentally ran across some information about a Buffalo Springfield Roller
Apparently they have one in Jacktown Pennsylvania
at the Blue Mountain Antique Gas and Steam Engine Assn't see a picture of it at the above website, but didn't do a in depth search either.

I am a member of the Society for Industrial Archeology (SIA) and some members
saw the engine last year and specifically mentioned it in our most recent newsletter

Great, Richard!

Still plodding along with making a Kouhoupt roller. Not much done, as I am trying to get a Morita Stirling fan to work, and and am having all kinds of trouble that I'd be ashamed to document.

The roller is still on my mind, though.
I know this thread is a few years old, but if you search the website for Buffalo Springfield, there is a 1925 catalog that has this roller in it (pages 36-40). There is a nice clear picture of the engine as well.

Thanks, people.

I like all that roller stuff, and it's definitely similar to the Rudy roller, so it'll be very useful to me.

At this point, I have cut some frame members, and have collected a few useful pieces, but I have not yet begun actual construction, as life keeps getting in the way. If I'm lucky enough to get started this fall I'll start a build thread here.

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