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Jul 24, 2010
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There has been some talk recently regarding the bruce satra/ bob roach r985 and r1830.
Firstly have to add Ron Harris from the UK. Who I believe was building the r1830 you will find on the Internet.http://www.modelenginenews.org/prod/r1830.html
I had the pleasure of speaking with Bruce on a number of occasions. I purchased all my r1830 castings from Bruce. The r985 castings come from Bob roach who had a set (minus heads) that belonged to Bruce. The drawings and carbon prop blades came from Bob. When Bruce's health deteriorated Paul Knapp took over the project. This is where I got the r985 head castings from.
I have made a start on the r1830 all be it slow progress.


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Thanks for posting some pictures. hell of allot of work.
Do you have castings for this engine? I have the R-985 plans from Bob Roach. Bruce Satra sent me the single cylinder Wasp kit. The cylinder head casting is a work of art and I have always been afraid to touch it. My plan is to 3D print some duplicates and cast them so I have something to practice on. Holding the head on the lathe is challenging. The plans for the single cylinder show a somewhat complex jig for holding the head but I have never been able to figure it out. Has anyone found a way to do this?
I have the castings, you can see my original thread here:
1/6 P&W R-985 Wasp Jr by Bob Roach / Vernal Engineering

I really need to update that, but progress has been slow.................................................

My head castings were partly started by Bruce - he threaded the head to fit the cylinder, and the valve cage holes were drilled too, as well as the rocker arm shaft holes. I still need to do a bunch of ops to the heads, but they are basic - open up the ports, drill for the inlet and outlet clamps, open up for the pushrod tube, drill and tap for plug etc... but the initial hard fixturing has been done. I can hold it by the big thread to the cylinder.

I've always wanted to get a 3D scan of the casting, if you have that please let me know.


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