1/6 P&W R-985 Wasp Jr by Bob Roach / Vernal Engineering

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Apr 7, 2010
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This thread got dragged up from the depths and I figure as the originator I should say I'm still around and progressing at speeds that make tectonic motion look fast....
That said I did more in the last 4 months than I had done in the previous 8 years (lots of excuses).
I'll need to switch PC's to post some photos, but I've made progress on the major hurdle that had been slowing me down, which was the cylinder fin cutting. That is now done and I'll provide some details in a separate posting on how that was done (rotary table on the mill and cutting 1 fin at a time with a slitting saw..)

With the cylinders done, I moved on to making the valves. I setup my Emco Compact 5 CNC (updated to Linux CNC and new stepper motors and drives). Made about 20 of those. They do need to be better, the tolerance on the stem isn't good enough. I'll run another batch of them using what I've learned by asking around the web.

The cam disks are made and the gears for the cam drive were all fabricated.
And the crankshaft is started.

Lots left to go, but its going!



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Feb 21, 2020
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I also have Bob Roaches plans for this engine but too many other projects in the works to get started on it, so in the meantime I'll be interested in seeing your progress.
Pete Lawrence (BAEM)

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