Newby from Sheffield, UK.

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Aug 9, 2012
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I'm a newby to engineering and being recently retired I have some time on my hands between walking the mutt, gardening, washing up and cleaning the car!

I have an old Myford ML7 (1953 model - nearly as old as me) and I am a keen motorcyclist. I have a newish Honda CBR600F5 and an oldish Honda CG125 (1976 model).

I have an interest in steam engines that started as a child - my Grandfather was a railway signalman who lived next to the signal box and I was bought a Mamod steam engine when I was about 9. I still have it in working condition.

I would like to build a simple V2 oscillator of a size big enough to power a 3 to 4 foot boat and wondered if anyone has access to plans for such an engine?

I saw a YouTube video by Tubalcain of one he was running from compressed air that looked about the right size, but I can't find plans for one anywhere.

Being English and owning Jap bikes you will understand that all my tools are metric and although my younger days were in inches and photography black and white, I now think in millimetres and colour! I can of course convert plans to metric if necessary.
Any help would be really appreciated. I love the site and there are some brilliant models on here and it gives me plenty of inspiration
kind regards
I wouldn't worry too much about the imperial/metric conversion, a quick calculator session will soon sort it out. Unless you fancy playing in thous for a new challenge? ;0)
I'll try and find some plans for you at work tomm if you can let me have yr email, mate...
hi seem to be like you time spent walking the dog looking at motor bikes and other peoples jobs, you know the kind i want this to fit on that and this to turn that lol anyway said hello cos i suppose im your near neighbour as i live just up the road from you at Doncaster.
Hi Dave, thanks very much for the reply. My email is [email protected]

Hi Nobeard there's nothing wrong with Donny, my wife is from there! Thanks for the reply.

kind regards
Peatrich (Peter)
Welcome to HMEM Peter. A great way to enjoy retirement
Thanks Herbie.
I'm looking forward to some proper engineering instead of just keeping my bikes running.
Welcome to the forum Peter, you are so lucky to have a myford ml7, even an old one! :)
Hi Peter, Nobeard, Guys,

Kelham Island Museum is worth a look ! Free entry. The river Don engine in steam is a sight to behold. They usually run it twice a day.
River Don engine.
Not my photo.
That is a big boy !

Yes it certainly rattles your teeth when running.
It amazes me that it can be stopped almost instantaneously and then reversed just as quickly. Which for its original purpose as a rolling mill engine would be necessary.

Thanks for the picture !
Peatrich, you being from the UK should have lots of castings and plans for steam engines over there.
Hi Peter and welcome to the group.
I'm also a steam and motorcycle enthusiast.
I volunteer at Forncett Industrial Steam Museum and I have a modern Triumph, a 1953 Triumph and a 1953 Panther.
If I can offer any advice, it would be to push your limits with every project.
I deliberately choose projects which involve learning new skills. I think it's what keeps me going.