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Here is a downloadable link.
There have been a few undocumented changes along the way.
Joints between the gears and cam were never established( It was not working for me nor is it necessary)
Not sure how long I will keep this available. If you have interest , get it now.
One undocumented change is in the head. I bored shallow pockets to install hardened valve seats (press fit) with a steeper seat angle than shown in the model. Valves were lapped in with 600 grit Clover Compound.
Extra tapped holes were added in the base for mounting.
Oil ports were added to the caps and bearings an the cylinder body behind the water tank.
I also ditched the piston rings in favor of a Viton X-profile O-ring.(Excellent! If it wears out, I have 24 more.)
Hi Drew, the link took me to Fusion360 page and just hung there, I gave it 2 minutes to work but nothing happened, I am a Fusion user so may login and check again.

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