Flathead hit and miss engine???

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Actually, when I hone my cylinders, I use 600 grit aluminum oxide paste. The viton o-rings are quite happy with that. In this case, I didn't hone the cylinder at all, just left the bore "As bored".--The viton o-ring didn't seem to like that at all.
Today was disaster day. While cranking the engine over to start it with my electric drill, the rod cap bolts came loose, the rod cap came off and jammed against the inside of the crankcase, and bent the crankshaft as a result. Flywheel is now very wonky, which is one of the things I wanted to avoid. I believe the concept of a flathead hit and miss engine is valid, but everything now comes to a halt. I have other things to do that aren't part of my engine building exercise, so I will be away from the forum for a while. This is not the result I wanted to achieve, but it is what it is. I will probably pick up with this build at a later point.---Sorry guys.---Brian
Hi Brian !
Mistakes...if I talked about all my mistakes and take photos then they would be a dump of forum
Like you, I also design and build engines so there are so many things we have to do ourselves and although limited but mistakes will still be there, it's small or big, more or less.
I often say to my engine when I make a mistake: "In this war, in this game , do you win or I win?? and I will definitely try to win at all costs."
So put it aside and come back when you're ready. It like a games .
I know how deflated you can feel after this sort of incident.I can only say "Chin-up ad carry on".You - and we- always meet adversity from the unpredictable failures , but to err is human, to succeed is simply better. And you will succeed with a bit more work. The basic question is proven already.
I will go back to that engine and finish it eventually. There is too much work in it to abandon it. I'm busy right now with a different engine but I will get back to this one.---Brian

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