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Sold Model Wilton Vise on Ebay

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marvin hedberg

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Nov 5, 2018
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1” Jaws Wilton Copy Miniature Baby Bullet Vise By DeVerna, Morrison & Marvin NOS

just sold for
Winning bid:
US $1,522.77

i made the lost wax molds for this bench vise and the model Kurt machine vise :)
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There seems to be quite a cult following of the Wilton vises. I am a little confused. It says NOS. So is that a little novelty piece that Wilton sold years ago, or is that a one-of-a-kind item. You said you made the investment casting patterns for the wax. That is pretty cool. Do you have more historical info?

That walnut table is gorgeous!
It's a casting kit made by Morrison and Marvin. I've made two of them. They are some of the finest castings I've ever seen. I thoroughly enjoyed making the two I made. I was going to buy another but they are out of stock. When I bought my second one I was told they were selling all the ones they have and won't be making any more. If I could get another casting set I'd make it and sell it for $1500 too. I doubt I'd sell mine though. Had too good of a time making it. By the way, nice job on the molds Mr. Hedberg, wish you guys would make more...



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"are you the Marvin in Morrison and Marvin Engine Works?"

.that's me :)

Very, very, cool, Marvin! You 'da man! :cool:

It is funny how some things, for one reason or another, become collectible. Your miniature vises are an example of beautiful, quality, custom built pieces that are, in my opinion, worthy of collecting. If you have lots of spare money.

About 20 years ago, where I worked, they had a silent auction open to the 800 employees, of a bunch of stuff that was no longer needed in the facility. One of the items was an 8" Wilton vise. I put a bid in of $250 and was lucky enough to win it. I already had a no-name 6" vise that suited my needs, so I put the Wilton up for auction on eBay. I was shocked at how the bidding went. Nothing like your miniatures, but still a butt-load of money to me back then. A guy in North Carolina who collected Wilton's won it. Said he already had an open spot in his collection just waiting for it. We were both happy.
The lost wax process is the cat's meow of casting processes.

I can match the surface quality of lost wax iron castings, but the super-fine lettering is what lost wax gives you.

And I would not come out trying to machine one of those vices accurately, as opposed to purchasing one pre-machined, but if I were retired and time was no object, it would be a fun machining project.

If someone sends me some trees, I will cast some in iron.
I am not set up for wax, or burnout, but could pour a burned out mold/tree.

Machining one of the Model Builder Vises is really pretty straight forward, I thought that I covered all the steps pretty well in my build thread.

Machining one of the Model Builder Vises is really pretty straight forward, I thought that I covered all the steps pretty well in my build thread.

I told a buddy of mine that casting gray iron is easy once you get set up for it.

He said "Yes, and it is easy to teach a snake to tapdance.......once you get the shoes on them".

Same probably applies to me studying your vice thread, and then repeating that accurately.

I think with some practice I could do it, but I would have to find some blocks of sacrificial metal to learn with.


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