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Apr 30, 2015
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Hello everyone,
I jumped the gun asking questions before even introducing myself.

My name is Kyle and pretty new to model engine building. For a living I work for a company that makes large scale custom sculptures for artists. They bring us a model and we'll fabricate the full scale. We also do work with underwater research companies fabricating fiberglass molds and finished parts for them to scan the ocean floor. My mainstay there is painting Awl-Grip, however I also do a lot of work in the glass and metal department. We get a lot of random jobs too, so it really allows my skill set to develop.

As far as home interests, I'm heavily into rc giant scale ww2 warbirds. The more detailed the better. I'm a couple months away from finishing a 1/5th scale SBD-3 Dauntless. It's been a two and a half year, on and off project. After that I'm going to be scratch building a 12' Japanese Betty Bomber with a friend of mine.
I've dialed back some but I'm also into shooting sports, vintage motorcycles, and as of recently machining.

Currently I have an Acra Mill drill for milling, and a speedway 7 x 14 lathe, both were craigslist finds. I've had them about two years now. I originally wanted the machines to make parts for my planes, including the retractable landing gear. I haven't made any yet but this has opened me up to the world of engine machining. I still need to acquire a rotary table as well as a 4 jaw chuck.

I've begun an Edwards Radial. I know this is an ambitious project to begin with but I'm excited for the challenge. I currently have the pistons made, and just got the cast iron rod in to make the sleeves. I will be starting a build thread soon, I'll apologize in advance for the thousands of questions I'll be asking... Down the road my ultimate goal would be to build the Hodgsons 9 cyl radial, and possibly put it in a warbird. Also, I wouldn't be against making a 1/6th scale Ox-5 v8 for a 1/6th scale Curtiss Jenny I have plans for.

Sorry for rambling, but I do look forward to participating more.


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May 27, 2010
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Warm Welcome from faraway Singapore.
I started with a very simple Oscillating Vertical Engine 10 years ago and today after building 4 working IC Gas Engines I am about to complete a Howell V-2 Gas Engine. Take your time. The HMEM folks are very helpful. Be prepared to make jigs and fixtures when you get doubtful on conventional turning and milling. Rotating Tables will come very handy and many more DIY tools. Wish you all success but be forewarned this is a very addictive hobby.


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Jun 24, 2010
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Welcome Kyle. I'm a long time RC guy too. And also jumping into a first time radial build as time allows. Its an Ohrndorf 5-cyl, very similar to the Edwards. In case you get the inevitable: 'So ya gunna FLY it?' type question, here is a good inspirational link of a nice 7-cyl radial build where he did just that

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